Images in Primary widget sidebar keep getting shrunk

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    All the images in my primary widget sidebar keep getting shrunk to about 200ish pixels. I’m trying to work out how wide I can make my main post image while allowing a sidebar image of 300 pixels for future advertising.
    I’ve played with widening the widget sidebar but all that seems to do is fit all the widgets in horizontally without actually allowing for a wider image.
    I’ve put a dummy image in to demonstrate what I mean. The original image in the media file is 300pixels wide.
    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    Please note that posting your own advertising on blogs is restricted, see

    To change the width for the sidebar of the Blaskan theme, you will need to also adjust the #content width too. Here is an example of how you might do it. Note that padding is not included in total widths, and so that is why they add up to smaller than the 1120px width you have set on the #wrapper element.

    .sidebars #primary, .sidebars #secondary, .content-wide-sidebar #primary{
    	width: 330px;
    .content-wide #content {
    	width: 750px;


    Yes I know, it’s not a real ad, I’m just thinking ahead. And I know advertising is restricted I plan on hosting it myself eventually.
    Thanks, will see if that works.

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