Images inserted in post are too small !!!

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    I need make some settings … or something … to appear larger images inserted into a post.
    There are too small!

    In demo of “Delicacy” -theme I chose for my culinary blog, images are larger but in my post there are a half.

    I will participate to a culinary competition online after two days and I need to fix this urgently. Thank you for understand me!

    So, what can I do?

    Please, excuse my English!

    The blog I need help with is


    Many people are experiencing the same issue and staff are working on a resolution. Flagged for staff



    Updated to note that Staff have posted here about this:


    Jennifer, darnelldibbles, thank you very much for the answers.

    I check in html text and the images are saved in medium class. Some of them (like presentation recipe image) I need to be “large class” 1024 x 1024 as I see in settings>media.

    From where can I change into a large size? If is not allow to do myself, please change all of them into large size. This action help me for the further culinary competitions.

    Thank you for the answer! :)



    Staff posted a quick explanation of changes and some possible short term solutions at


    timethief, tx for the answer :)

    It work this action:
    I wrote in html
    class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-123″ />
    class=”alignnone size-medium wp-image-123″ />
    and this work … thank you very much!!!

    Unfortunate still this problem:
    at first view, images appear very small and different sizes and I should click right button of the mouse and click “reload” or “refresh” and images became large.

    But visitors will leave quickly my blog seeing small images. That’s why I started every post with a “warning” for visitors (in my language) saying something like….”Excuse me for the inconvenient, but if you see too small images, click reload and images will became large. Thank you!” … :( :( :( …. this is not o.k. :(

    What can I do more?

    Thank you for the answer!
    Please excuse my English


    timethief, ignore my last message because I copied the question into the right place, here


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