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    HI. I find that every now and again, an image that I’ve posted on certain pages of my blog, won’t load. I have to edit the blog find the image on my computer and re-insert it, which is a bit of a pain. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, is there anyway of fixing it.


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    The blog I need help with is


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    The site linked to your name is not a blog. Please provide a link to the blog you are asking about, starting with http://

    If possible, also paste a link to a post where this has occurred.

    Have you been deleting images from your media library?


    Hi again.

    No I haven’t deleted any pictures from the media library. The disappearance of images seems to be quite random. The image still appears to be there when you go to the edit page in HTML but doesn’t show on the preview or the main page.

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    Hmm. For some reason a lot of [new] bloggers have gotten the idea that deleting pictures from the media library is a good idea (It is NOT!) but you aren’t doing that.

    Ok, then.

    I have to edit the blog find the image on my computer and re-insert it

    Before uploading the pictures to your media library a second time, have you determined that they are indeed gone from the media library?
    If you look at your media library, do you see duplicates of the re-uploaded images?



    Yes there are duplicates in the media library after I’ve uploaded the picture for the second time. It’s very odd because everything is telling me that the picture is there. It just doesn’e seem to want to load on the page. As I said, it’s a very sporadic/random thing.

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    Missing images would give you a “x” or a “?” on the blog page. I don’t see any of that in your blog. What I see is that you’ve got too many images. If you have a slow connection, it may time out before they all load. Go to Settings>Reading and reduce the number of posts per page to only 2 or 3.

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