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    Hi folks,

    Just starting out on creating a blog, but every time I try to upload an image to my first blog post, it inserts as a link when I want the image to embed in the text. This is really frustrating! My blog is going to have a lot of images, but I just can’t get going till I sort out how to change this glitch. For some reason it did it right once on a dummy post and then, just as inexplicably, it has gone back to giving me links (which don’t even work as links when you click on them) The picture file I am uploading is just some text on a bit of A4 paper scanned into Word so it should all be really simple.

    Very frustrated! Any suggestions gratefully received.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Those aren’t images. They are Microsoft Word documents, hence the .doc extension at the end. That’s why they appear as links, and it’s perfectly normal:

    If you must keep them as a Word document, there is a way to embed them into your posts through Scribd:

    But frankly, it would be best to convert them into an actual image (for example, PNG) with one of the many free image editing software available online (GIMP, Sumo, etc.)


    Thanks airodyssey, that is really useful. I thought there would be an obvious answer…

    Can you recommend a site to get the free image editing software from, that will be nice and intuitive to use for a complete IT dunce like me?

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