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Images not aligning any more

  1. Hi there. My images aren't aligning any more when I publish new posts in I recently upgraded to a domain name - has this altered the CSS in some way, or introduced something that over rides the align rules? I can't see any difference in the HTML code from previous posts.

    The images now publish in a uniform central slab with no break or buffer between them, and no active alignment. Specifically down the bottom half of this post:

    I don't know much about coding - but I don't think I have the privileges to edit the CSS Style sheet - unless I'm wrong?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. The images in your posts have a mixture of "alignment: none", "left", and "alignment: center". That's what causing the issues.

    So you have to check the images one by one, and make sure they all have the same alignment value (I think "center" is what you want).

    Great collection fo pics, btw!

  3. Thanks for the tip Squarepixel- I've tried correcting any images that have an alignmentnone value, but it still doesn't seem to be aligning the pictures correctly in the published version, although they look fine in draft...

    Is there something I'm still not doing correctly? Or is it possible there is some other code over-riding my alignment values? It's strange that I've never had this problem before.

    Thanks again,

  4. a) The images you need to correct are the ones that are aligned left (or right, if any). That's because left and right alignment mean wrap-around, and a side-effect of this is what you see in the post you linked to: if you insert a left aligned image then a captioned image below it, the frame of the second image will start where the first image starts.
    b) "I've never had this problem before". Not correct: you've got the exact same problem in the previous six posts as well.

    By the way, your front page requires an awful lot of scrolling: that's not user-friendly. I would suggest you use the read-more tag to truncate the posts:

  5. I've moved this thread to "support" forum.
    Your question has nothing to to with CSS:

    I don't know much about coding - but I don't think I have the privileges to edit the CSS Style sheet - unless I'm wrong?

    That would be a paid upgrade, and it is advisable for you to have experience with that coding before you pay for it.

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