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    Since the changes to Just Write and the full screen mode, I’m having issues getting images to stay in a post once I’ve uploaded them. Here’s what I’ve done…

    *Upgraded to IE8
    *Cleaned up my system by installing and running WinMaximizer and WinSweeper
    *Cleared cache
    *Restarted the computer

    I can add images to a post, but when I publish or update the post, the images disappear. They are still in the gallery, but not in the post. I am
    currently adding a new post and have attempted 6 times with the same results – images are added to the post, but when I update the post they
    disappear. I tried 3 times in full screen mode and 3 times in the small screen mode … all with the same results.

    PLEASE tell me how to fix this.

    The blog I need help with is


    I have just joined word press

    I have followed steps to add photos to a post… they upload into the ‘new post’ screen… However when I publish post they disappear? I click on the post and they have gone! Only the title of the post remains…

    HELP ME :-(


    Mine are still in the galery and say that they are ‘attached’ to post.. but they ARE NOT!



    I’d like to rule-out a browser-specific issue.

    Would you please try in Firefox or Chrome?


    I have used Mozzilla and IE8 browsers.
    Photo appears, and then later disappears with only a photo icon showing in the upper left corner of the photo box (where image should be visible but isn’t unless you click on the icon).

    What is the problem in clear terms?
    And Please, don’t answer with its a browser issue with my settings.

    IE8 is a widely used browser. Every web site should be compatible with the most popular browser on the Internet. Members should not have to dance around doing this and that to have features works properly.



    I know IE 8 is widely used. It represents a very large group of users here, this is the first that I’ve heard of this issue, and I can’t reproduce it myself in IE 8, which means that another piece of software, a browser tool bar, or an add-on could be interfering.

    Trying a new browser, like Chrome, will allow us to isolate all possibilities.

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