Images not appearing in my sunspot front page display

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    I use the sunspot theme. When I upload a new blog post that includes an image, that image does not always appear in the teaser/thumbnail display of my blog’s front page. I had the same problem with The Columnist theme. I have used Safari and Chrome – the latest versions. I have also cleared my cache and cookies. Am using an iMac 10.8.2.

    The blog I need help with is



    I use the Lifestyle theme and have the same problem. Whether using publicize or cutting and pasting manually, FB invariably selects the wrong thumbnail for it’s preview. Annoyingly, it’ll often not give me the option of then selecting the right thumbnail. Sometimes it’ll even take an image off the sidebar (!) and use that as a preview.

    I have tried pasting post links into the Facebook debugging tool and doing that reveals FB can actually see the proper thumbnail. But it doesn’t actually fix anything (that I can see).

    Incidentally, in posts with 2 or more images, the only way I can guarantee WP will recognize the correct image as my thumbnail in the post feed, is to make the desired image a featured image for that post.

    ATA – hope you don’t mind me jumping on your thread here.

    My blog is:


    Thanks Paul.
    But seriously, WordPress. I can’t get Sunspot to do what it’s supposed to do. How do I make the images from the post appear on my front page?


    Hi alltheanimals, you seem to have solved the problem. What was the solution please?


    No sooner asked than found. “Featured Image” Funny how that happens!

    Best wishes all


    yeah, totally my bad all along!
    that little sneaky “set featured image” button down there…
    glad it worked out for you.



    I visited your blog and found things working fine. Or do you still have an issue! Selecting an image for the ‘Featured Image’ would certainly have solved the query, I believe.

    bests | G

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