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    I am unable to get images in my side bar.The links are okay but they donot appear in the side bar.It was fine till today,but now it has disappeared suddenly.



    1) Have you done anything to your blog since yesterday and today? Changes themes maybe?

    2) Your link to is broken. Looks like some sort of javascript.



    Yes… had the same experience. Photos from sidebar have disappeared. Tried re-posting…followed WordPress FAQ.. ntohing.. just a link to the pic.

    Hopefully the pics feature in the sidebar will return??


    I have the same problem. I went to my site last night and realized the images were gone. I then added a post and they were still gone. I edited a few of the sidebar items this morning hoping that a change would force a refresh or something, but no avail. Is it something with my site or a WordPress issue?

    Thanks for your help.




    Can I suggest that all three of you check the HTML that you have used to display the pictures?

    Two of them I would expect to see at least a text widget and the third (mezocore) where are you hosting the images for your blogroll links?

    Oops – It looks like I “broke”! I tried to open all three blogs and got timeouts on all of them.

    I suspect that there may be a link in here somewhere…




    I was looking at mezocore’s code and didn’t see anything but mezocore’s broken Google link



    I’m having the same problem, and I know I didn’t touch the HTML since last night. I use Photobucket to host my sidebar images, as well as any pictures that I put in the blog itself. Every single Photobucket image is working except those in the sidebar, so I know it’s a problem on WordPress’s end.

    I have one text widget, and everything else is under the blogroll. The links are there, but it’s as if WordPress isn’t pulling the pics that are supposed to go with the links.


    The images I am using are hosted in three different locations. I would expect that if it was a problem with the actual host of the image that all three are not likely to be broken at the same time. One location is where I host my podcast and the other two are the Podsafe Music Network and Podcast Pickle. (not all the images are at each location)

    I am still pretty new to this site and maybe I built the links improperly, but they workled for at leat 2 months and then quit working today. If I need to recreate the sidebar with a text widget or something else I will certainly do so, but what would cause them to just quit working? Any guidance would be appreciated.





    I’m having the same problem – the images for my links are not showing up on my blog. Images in text widgets from the same host (ImageShack) are showing up fine though.

    As far as I can tell, the link image disappeared from my side bar after I added the second text widget image.

    EDIT: 20 minutes later, I’ve added another image via text widget (gotta love webrings) and now my link image is showing back up. Maybe this is a format problem with margins or something that can be solved by changing the sidebar widgets?



    hhmmmm I wonder why kidswifeworkinglife has advertising in his sidebar. Perhaps a reminder is in order.


    See the following thread:

    None of those links use any JavaScript nor is the advertising the sole purpose of the site. My belief is that it was not a problem. The music links are really just a thanks for allowing me to use music from their libraries on my show. I am definately not paid in actual dollars for those images on the site. I can certainly put links in the posts only, but I am not sure how that is much different.

    The Amazon link is because I am part of their Associate program and I believe this is acceptable if it is not the primary purpose of the site. (I may not be an associate much longer because it is not that great of a deal unless you drive lots of traffic to Amazon, which I don’t)

    I will happily remove anything that is not in line with the WordPress user agreements. I certainly do not want to be deleted, but I don’t believe that I am out of line at this point. If anybody from WordPress can shed some light on this I will be happy to comply with whatever is required to meet any user agreements.

    BTW – I see the images are back – Thanks




    The images problem is resolved.
    It was due to changes necessary to enable full translations of the interfaces and something went slightly wrong.



    I noticed my images were missing as well and that they are back. However, I see that Sitemeter was unable to track visits for about 14 hours today! Is this also a part of the translations problem?



    Sitemeter I believe uses the graphic to keep track on who visits your website so probably.

    Kids, affliate links are not allowed. There’s been a number of threads since that one where the policy has been spelled out and the TOS overrules anything said in this forum anyway. Also remember that I’m not a staff member around here, just a volenteer.

    I would suggest removing the afflicate links.


    No problem.

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