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    Hey Guys –

    I recently started using the “Fresh & Clean” theme and since that time, all of my smaller pictures are aligning to the left. The large pictures are fine as they take up the whole space, but I can’t figure out how to fix the smaller images.

    An example of what I am talking about is here: (scroll down a little)

    I was advised by a member that this was an oversight in the theme and to post my issue in this forum.

    Any assistance would be very sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

    The blog I need help with is



    I have just moved from Vigilance to Fresh & Clean and have the same problem. Pictures seem to do their own thing….


    Okay, well, I’m glad I am not the only one having that problem…


    Perhaps the good people at WordPress will be kind enough to take a look at the problem on Monday?

    Maybe it will get more attention if I attempt to flatter the sexy, smart, talented crew at WordPress?

    Or perhaps if I appeal to their sense of a challenge by pointing out the genius and intelligence that solving this issue will require?


    @thevelvetrocket, The aligncenter rule and declarations in the original CSS are being overwritten by a rule that comes after it in the CSS.

    Staff monitor the themes forum, so hopefully they will see this shortly and get that taken care of quickly for you. If you have the Custom Design Upgrade, I could give you the stuff to fix it, but it really is something staff need to fix.



    Thank you for the explanation and the offer of assistance. I’m afraid I do not have the Custom Design upgrade though. So, hopefully, the WP staff will notice this…


    You are welcome, and it is an easy fix for them.



    Thank thesacredpath, only yesterday I purchased the Custom Design Upgrade and will check out the CSS.



    Thanks again. I’m glad to hear it is an easy fix…

    I really like this theme and if this one little glitch gets fixed, Fresh & Clean will be perfect for me.


    Staff need to look at all the image stuff in that theme. It could be there are other issues as well with other image alignments.


    Anything you can do to help, WordPress Staff?


    For anyone with the custom design upgrade, add this to your custom CSS and it will fix the issue.

    .aligncenter {
    margin-left: auto !important;
    margin-right: auto !important;

    @thevelvetrocket, you will just have to be patient till someone from the theme team wanders through the themes forum. I was frowned at once for trying to force the issue by alerting them, so I don’t do that anymore.



    When Theme Staff can help you they will.



    Thank you thesacredpath again! I have added the coding to my custom CSS and that has done the trick :-)

    thevelvetrocket – If I can give you any advice, for $30 buy the custom design upgrade. I did this last Sunday and it is absolutely worth the money. All my blog issues are now solved so easily.


    Thanks for all of the information…

    @ thesacredpath

    Thank you for posting the necessary fix. And thank you as well for the caution to not annoy the WP staff…

    @ baobabtravel

    I love everything else about this theme and so I am hoping that just this one little detail will get fixed.



    Having the same problem. Thanks for the CSS code – will give it a shot! :)


    @ haikugirl

    Did you try out the CSS code?

    I’m not sure I’m smart enough to know where to put the code…


    Thanks WP staff for fixing this… You guys are awesome.



    Can anyone else that is using Fresh & Clean help with something?

    With the featured slider on the home page, do the stories actually “slide”, i.e. change over a certain period of time? If that does not happen by default, is it something that I can add in or go somewhere and change?

    And if it does happen, can the slider speed somehow be changed? I’d like to be able to have the stories on my blog (Hype the Movies) slide every 5-10 seconds if possible.

    Thanks in advance for your responses!



    The images seem to be centred now – thanks WordPress! (I didn’t try the CSS in the end.)

    I would also like to know about the slider. It seems like it doesn’t slide on its own.

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