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    I have a problem where images are not showing on the homepage of my blog. If you click ‘read more’ on the actual article then the images are displayed, i want them displayed on the homepage too!

    Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can see your images both on your homepage and post.
    Clear your caches and cookies and see it again.


    I assume you mean your other photos since one is showing at the top of your post. You could more your More tag after the other two photos and they will appear.


    This happened to me with links: Viewers had to click “read more” to be able to click them. I was informed that this just happens with some themes. I switched to the Twenty Eleven theme and everything is working now, my photography blog looks with it as well!



    @shrimpandsuch: The blog linked to your username doesn’t say “read more”, it says “Continue reading”. Are you talking about a different blog?



    I have blog can u help back up my data to thx



    No we do not provide a data backup service on this support forum. Here we Volunteers provide answers to support questions pertaining to free hosted blogs only. See here > export >
    Then go to for assistance with any importing issue you have. If you are creating duplicate content blogs they don’t think that Google will not be aware of that and penalize either one or both sites



    I’m sorry. That second link is wrong. It ought to be



    @shrimpandsuch, the theme you are using on is Suburbia. It uses a featured image and truncated posts with the “Continue Reading” link on the front page. That is how the theme works.

    If you want your entire post to be visible on the front page, perhaps you should consider using a different theme.

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