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Images not displayed in new theme

  1. Hi, just activated the new Imbalance 2 theme, but the main page shows neither post images nor header image. Couldn't find anything relating to it in settings, so think it's probably a bug.

    It's the blog linked in my username.

    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,
    This is a newly introduced theme and I'm flagging this thread for two reasons. The girst is to have it moved to the Themes Forum. The second is so this thread gets Staff attention.

  3. Thanks for quick response.

  4. You're welcome. I always load new themes into my test blog and test them there before I install them on my working blogs. If you feel the display on your blog is distracting perhaps switching your blog back to your former theme temporarily and working with Imbalance in a test blog is a good idea.

  5. alwayswellwithin

    I have a similar question.

    Does this theme function like Inuit Types, where you have to selected a featured image for it to appear on the home page? If that's the case, then does the home page display all your most recent posts like Inuit Types. Or does it only display post you have made into sticky posts?

    I love all that the theme team is rolling out and this is a gorgeous theme. But it was difficult to understand how it works from the theme description.

  6. alwayswellwithin

    This theme appears to have at least one bug. The posts appear below the sidebar (the side / sidebard) on the post page.

    If you use a featured image it appears with the post excerpts that appear at the bottom of the page. I haven't been able to figure out how to get the images and excerpts that are supposed to appear on the home page to appear using either a sticky post or a featured image. It's all a big mystery!

  7. @tornike:

    Imbalance 2 displays the beginning of each post on the main page. As in all themes that display post beginnings, all HTML tags are stripped out; so no links, no formatted text, and no regularly inserted images. To display images on the front page, you need to set a featured image to each post, or copypaste content (including image code) from the HTML editor to the Excerpt module.

    As for the header image, when you change theme the image you had uploaded for the previous theme won't work. You have to upload a new one from your computer (in Appearance > Header).


    Yes, it's somewhat like Inuit Types. The main page displays excerpts of your latest posts (as well as stickies, if you've got any), with optional images as explained above. The difference is that in Inuit Types you select one or two columns while in Imbalance 2 you select fixed layout (four columns) or fluid layout (as many columns as will fit in your screen). Other differences: a) no sidebar - header and footer widget areas instead; b) narrow header image, top nav menu next to it, in one or two columns instead of a row.

  8. OK, I saw post images on the theme screenshot in Theme Showcase so I thought they would be featured by default. Thanks for clarifying.

    And re the header image: my mistake, I thought I had uploaded a new image after activating the theme, but I checked and that hasn't been the case.

    Thanks again.

  9. landlessdrifter

    I am currently using this theme and it is great for showcasing previous posts long forgotten. Most of my posts are sticky so all of them appear on the homepage. It works perfectly for me except that I don't like the unused area at the bottom. They should have added one more sidebar there. Other than, I am loving it. Check out my site

  10. @tornike: You're welcome.

    @theblacktwig: "Most of my posts are sticky". Why? You sticky a post so that an announcement remains temporarily on top of other posts, or to showcase a few important posts. There's no point making "most" of your posts sticky.

  11. alwayswellwithin

    Thanks @panaghiotisadam, that helps a lot. I'm loving Manifest so it would take a lot to get me to change.

    Thanks @theblacktwig~ I loved seeing your example!!!! Looks great.

  12. landlessdrifter

    @panaghitoisadam: well, i don't have much posts to start with that's why i made most of them sticky.
    @alwayswellwithin: thanks a lot!

  13. @theblacktwig: note that, among other things, stickies don't display the date. If your reason was to display more posts on the front page, you don't do it by making them stickies: you change the number of posts per page in Settings>Reading.

  14. landlessdrifter

    @panaghitoisadam you are right, i saw them but there are some posts (those that I want to highlight that's why I made them stickies) that i prefer to show in front. ^_^ or maybe i'm a sticky addict hehehe

  15. It's your prerogative, but I'll insist a little more. a) In my opinion "highlighting" some forty five posts is a contradiction in terms. b) Since stickies show up on top of more recent posts, and since stickies in this theme don't display the date, it becomes very difficult or impossible to tell what the latest posts are, so it's bad for returning visitors. If you are determined to keep things that way, I would suggest you at least add the Recent Posts widget.

  16. I'm with panaghiotisadam.

  17. landlessdrifter

    @panaghitoisadam thanks for insisting your suggestion. well, i don't insist my idea. if you look back at my first comment, what i just want to say is that the theme works perfectly for me because that's what i do. i respect your idea and it's your blog ^_^ for info, even when most of my posts are stickies, recent posts always come first. that's how it is. i think we all have our own preferences. I just commented on this thread mainly because i'm loving the imbalance theme, nothing more than that such as telling people to make their posts stickies. just making myself clear. happy blogging!

  18. Can this also happen in old themes?
    Suddenly wordpress is ignoring photo sizes in text?pics are suddenly twice as big, while 300 - 200 pixels is shown when I open the post. whats going on?
    I know it is a bit different in compare with 'not shown' but very annoying as well (I spent a lot of time to mark the right sizes).

  19. hi,

    i'm using the free version of WP, and am experimenting with Imbalance 2,
    which looks great in the demo, and I have a couple of questions:

    1. Is there a way to make my posts page the home page in the nav?
    2. Is there a way to remove the date just below each post image on that main page?


  20. oh, almost forgot: can you tell me why this page looks so different in firefox than
    it does in safari? In firefox, which i usually prefer, bold text appears just below
    each post image (prev or next)

  21. @aroundsanjuan
    This thread is not about the imbalance 2 theme. Please click this link and start your own thread >

  22. @timethief
    Oh, I'm sorry. Thank you.

  23. Each time I attempt to upload an image for my header it asks me to crop it. I've resized it to be pretty small, and i'm still forced to crop it before publishing. For some reason I can't just use the entire image. Anyone else have this problem?

  24. @trendymale: Header images have fixed dimensions. Any image that is in a different aspect ratio will be cropped to fit. If it's smaller, it will have to be blown up as well, which means poor quality.

    For best results you should check the pixel dimensions the theme specifies in Appearance > Header, use an image editing application to resize a copy of your image to those exact dimensions, and upload that copy.

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