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  1. I put images onto my pages and posts but it won't show on the blog. You see, by clicking on the "tree" button which says insert image, I put in the url code of the images. But, once I log out from my account and visit my blog, the images are not visible, instead a small white box shows up in it's place. The other visitors to my blog also have the same problem, they are unable to see the pictures. So, what do I do. I am really in need of an answer. I put in so many oictures using their urls', but none show in the blog. What do I do?

  2. I have a question, I blog on blogger,com and feed into WordPress it works fine, but I have an affiliate account with hosting co., Black Wire which I paid $197.00 for but my Eagleman4ever blog does not show on the Black Wire site, what is wrong? Greg

  3. It looks like a problem I had this my post here :

  4. Please give us a direct link to your blog, and please don't use all caps.

  5. link to your blog?

  6. thank you,

    the link is

    do help me, by Dashyat,

  7. dashyat,

    The image links you have included are things like this one:|0|8CA7B1E66CA1110|

    I think that's an attachment URL within your Webmail account, it's not accessible to anyone else.

    Download the photos you want to link to, and follow the instructions here to add it to a WordPress blog post:

  8. thank you, your advice is working. But, do I change the link of the uploaded pictures into wordpress to the new link provided by wordpress.

  9. is it possible for me to insert pictures into my sidebar as well?

  10. Yes, you replace what you have with the URL of the image in your webspace. Blogs can only display images already in webspace. So you upload the image and once it's uploaded, you can hit "insert in post" or just copy the URL that it shows you and put that instead of the pic address you have there now.

  11. thanks so much, but how do I put images onto my sidebar, would you know?

  12. You can put them in a text widget. You will need to use HTML code to put them in; you don't get a visual editor for that. What I do, since I don't like to use HTML, is I make a draft post and once it looks like I want the widget to look, I click to the HTML editor tab and copy all the code and paste that into the text widget.

  13. thank you so much! Do visit my blog at:

  14. You're welcome. Check out the blog promotion threads in Off Topic at the bottom of the main forum page. There's one to introduce your blog and one to tell people what you post each day.

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