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images not displaying

  1. I have a popular post which consists almost entirely of one image, and now the image is not showing, just the "caption" is. It's on this post:

    And it was displaying fine an hour ago. It's a bog-standard jpg, URL

    I'm using FF and have done the Cookie Dance.

    Anyone else having a similar problem?

  2. I'm not seeing the image in the post, either.

  3. It comes and goes. I just saw it a second after I put this up, now it's gone again. Very annoying, it got a major link today.

  4. I looked at Tools > Page Info > Media on the page that didn't show the picture, and it indicates it tried to get the image from, but the direct link to the jpg redirects to

    Makes me wonder if they have a broken rewrite rule somewhere at the moment, where some servers are pulling it from the right place and others aren't?

  5. Interesting. I did delete the width info that was automatically attached to the image; I always do. But it hasn't had this effect on any of the other images. Perhaps it's because this is the only one that's wider than the 500 pixel space?

    Maybe it's something unique to Monotone?

  6. I suspect either of those are also possibilities. I don't really have any experience with how is dealing with images; I'm getting pretty good at figuring out the nuances of their LaTeX support, though. :-)

    Do you have a private blog registered where you can do some testing? It might be worth seeing if you can re-create the problem. If so, that would give you a place to experiment with potential fixes, like resizing the picture or putting the width info back on it.

  7. For vertical images in Monotone, the max width is 560 pixels.

    @rain-fwiw, I'm seeing that image just fine.

    Don't know if this is connected, but arianskyy was reporting something similar on her blog the other day.

  8. justjennifer - fyi, the problem with arianskyy's images turned out to be that she had deleted them from her gallery, so they were showing up only when a particular server found them in cache; it cleared up as soon as she put the pictures back. Raincoaster's problem is (was?) slightly different, since the jpeg is still there. :-)

  9. Seeing it.
    I found my favorite successor for Heath Ledger as the Joker.

  10. I'm not seeing it in the post. Maybe Batsie took her to Arkham?

  11. The embedded image has this exact url, giving me a 404:

  12. If I try to load it with ?w=559 or ?w=561 it works. Only ?w=560 is broken.

  13. Thanks, all. My apologies for vanishing for a few hours. I appreciate the research.

  14. I checked earlier and the image wasn't there. Just checked again and after a delay, the image appeared.

  15. Day 2: I still see the image without problem. Gawd my cheeks hurt just looking at that photo.

    (@sc-thanks for the update on arianskyy-i tried dragging her lost images to the address bar and kept getting a 404 error, so it makes sense.)

  16. @raincoaster

    Looks like a bad copy of that image was cached therefore the 404 problem. It it working now.

  17. Thanks, Barry.

    Everyone: sorry for searing your eyeballs. You could click back to the very pretty Karen Allen/Shia LaBeouf pic if you want a unicorn chaser.

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