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    Hello. Please help if you can – I’m tearing my hair out!

    The day before yesterday, the images on all my wordpress blogs stopped displaying. The problem seems related to my WordPress account or router/network setup as all my computers have the same problem, whilst the general readers of my blogs are having no problem displaying the images. My blogs continually search (unsuccessfully) for the images at [blogname]

    I wondered if the problem was related to the WordPress outage a couple of days ago?

    All help gratefully received!

    The blog I need help with is



    We can’t help without a link to the blog, starting with http, and preferably a link to one of the images you’re having trouble viewing.



    I don’t know if its the same, but sometimes some of my images and it’s usually the same images, that occasionally don’t load, I have to keep hitting that refresh button or go back to the home page and load again. Really odd. And you don’t even see the question mark (broken image) sign.



    Hi is there a general problem? I’m getting exactly the same on and also on some other sites that I visit that are also hosted on wordpress.



    Yes, I am having exactly the same problem — again — on my site ( Open up any page and the text displays immediately but 90 percent of the images are not displaying at all. You just get a blank shape where an image should be. It’s the same with every computer I try, every browser, including on my iPhone. And when I go to look in my media library, I don’t see any images (thumbnails) at all. This is starting to drive me nuts.

    BTW – I clicked your link f1punter today [March 20th] and I can confirm that your images are not displaying.

    C’mon WordPress.


    Are you with Sky? Major problems yesterday all linked to this ISP.



    I have exact same problems from Germany.


    To summarise:

    From Internet Explorer I can see old images but nothing from today, just boxes with my caption underneath.

    Google Chrome: the same

    Firefox: No images in any boxes but Snap is capturing them in preview mode, even the ones I posted today.



    Yes, Sky. I just tracked down the other thread on this issue. Thanks snookerbacker.



    I am having the same problem – and it’s really frustrating as I’m just setting up my blog, but cannot see how anything looks!!

    Is there a solution to this extremely annoying problem?


    The solution lies with Sky and at the moment they are doing nothing about it, please call them as I have.



    I just found a link explaining the problem (I am also a Sky user). For anyone else who is with Sky and is not yet aware of the reason for this problem, please check here:



    Hi Snooker, just found out why we can’t see the imaged. I will be calling them!



    Internet Explorer – non pictures but ‘snapshot’ working in preview window.
    Firefox – no images, no snapshot
    Google Chrome – no images, no snapshot.


    Hey safiya – going out for a bit now as I’m getting sick of this but any updates please post.



    I am also having this problem, but I am NOT using sky. I can upload the picture, but it doesn’t display in the thumbnails on the media page. but when I click to edit the picture is there. I can add it to a post, but it won’t display when the post comes up. for the record, i’ve been having this problem for MONTHS. I have upgraded my version of WordPress and no improvement. Nothing I enter now is working – all older pics are still there and displaying properly.





    That’s not a wordpress.COM blog and this is the support forum only for those who have free blogs that are being free hosted wordpress.COM. You ought to be posting to rather than here.

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