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images not displaying today? (9/18)

  1. Anybody else not getting images on their blog today?

    If this is the url for your blog then I see it's the Freshy theme and using a firefox I can see an image header and images throughout your pots. Which browser and version of it are your using?

  3. I'm finding that more recently loaded images on my blog aren't loading today...using firefox and safari on a mac. Text is intact.

  4. No images in my recent posts, either. Sometimes I get the image name, but no image. Argh.

  5. more and more images unavailable, on three connected blogs now.

  6. I have alerted staff so they are aware of these issues with images not showing (including some custom headers again). Hopefully should be fixed here soon :)


  7. thank you Trent

  8. Hey there. Images not showing at these two sites either...

  9. Within last half hour many images have disappeared throughout my blog and also in Dashboard/Manage/Uploads. (Using IE7 browser)

  10. I think I am using IE7 (most recent?) how do I check that?

  11. I remember this happened once before and was promptly and politely fixed so don't knot your shorts.

  12. Why thank you Tex...but I wasn't aware that that is what I was doing...

  13. I'm just glad that it's a site-wide problem and not just me being too moronic to figure out how to properly upload a custom header image. :D

  14. Whew!
    That's a relief.
    I was starting to freak out.

  15. Pics are back...thank you!

  16. startlingmoniker

    Custom header at is gone AGAIN...

  17. All my images now restored - many thanks!

  18. way kool...thanks

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