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Images not imported from WordPress 3.1 export

  1. I am in the process of moving my blog from a self-hosted 3.1 installation to Here's what I have done so far:

    1) Exported XML file from blog -- selected 'All content' option.
    2) Created a fresh blog and imported the XML file.

    During the import, something tripped the spam alert, and my new blog was briefly deactivated. I contacted Support, and the blog was reactivated within minutes.

    However, I was under the impression that the import function would access my old blog site and copy over all the image files I'd had displayed in my posts. This has not happened. The images do display in my new blog, but they are the files hosted at my old self-hosted blog. When I shut down that hosting contract, all the images will vanish.

    Did I do something wrong in the import, or did I simply misunderstand what the import function on is capable of doing?



    The blog I need help with is

  2. During import, if the other site is still live, you will be given the choice of having your media imported. If I remember correctly after you click import, a second screen comes up with the question and a box you have to check or something like that.

  3. There was no such second screen. The blog simply came back online after the support team fixed the mistaken deactivation.

    I am wondering if the deactivation in the midst of the import caused the issue. Has anyone else seen this happen?



  4. I haven't heard of this happening but I have flagged this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Many thanks. Have a great New Year's!


  6. You too. :)

  7. Can you please send the export file along with details of from where to where you are importing to [email redacted] ?

  8. @macmanx: I certainly can, but not till Tuesday. The XML file is stored on my office PC.

    Have a great New Year!


  9. I have emailed [email redacted] with details of the error. The XML export file can be downloaded from:

    [export file removed from public forum]



  10. Thanks, we'll reply via email as soon as we can.

    Since you probably don't want other folks copying your blog in its entirety, I have removed the link to your export file.

  11. I am sorry for bumping on an old post. I have experienced the exact problem.

    I have exported out an xml file from my own hosted wordpress blog, and when I imported them into my blog, majority of the images (media) did not go through. FYI my self hosted wordpress blog is still very much active, and I was assuming that by exporting out "All content" will have some kind of media transferring from my source server, but this is not the case.

    Now all images on my blog is still loading fine, but majority of it is loading from my self hosted server. They will not be available once the hosting shuts down. Its weird that some of the medias are actually converted to suits my blog, with images linking to "".

    It is the exact same problem as "eviloverlord". Just wondering what are the follow ups /conclusions to these.


  12. Just as Macmanx said:

    Can you please send the export file along with details of from where to where you are importing to [email redacted] ?

  13. Hello raincoaster,

    I have emailed them with the required info/attachment. Thanks :-)

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