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    My images are uploading to the gallery but when I hit “insert” I get “Done but with errors on the page” and they don’t insert. I haven’t had this problem before.



    If you can grab the URL for each image, you can insert it using the Image Icon. I know you can get this from the Media Library page.

    What browser and version are you using?



    Thanks, I’ll try that, but surely there’s a problem here? I’m using IE7 and, as I said, until today it’s been fine.



    Well it worked by using the image icon, but it’s a bit messy of course.


    I’m having this problem – images load to the gallery but can’t get them to post…
    I’m uploading from my computer.. do I need to host the photos somewhere and put a URL?




    The problem comes and goes, I’ve noticed. I now make a habit of copying the image’s url address before I click on “insert”. If it doesn’t insert (about 50% of the time it doesn’t) it’s then easy and simple to click on the “insert image” icon in the edit box. There’s definitely a fault in the edit program somewhere though.


    Thanks so much for your reply – I have just switched from using Blogger and I thought I must be doing something wrong…
    I guess the answer is that there are glitches in the image uploaders – flash and browser – based!
    I was curious whether people recommend hosting photos or if there’s any disadvantage to uploading your images wherever they go using Maybe I’ve answered my own question! ;-)

    thanks again,



    like everyone else here
    i am unable to upload images.
    or rather they’re uploaded to my gallery but not my post.
    i’ve tried copying the ULR
    and pasting it, but that doesn’t work either.

    a friend of mine recommended this wordpress
    and i’m now wondering why.

    any other suggestions?

    thank you


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    You insert images from the library, not from the gallery. If you go to the library icon, gives you a screen with options to select individual pictures to name each picture, give attributes etc, and especially to insert one into your post. Or you can post the whole gallery. The “gallery” is different from the “library.”



    I have the same problem and I am using the library. I have tried Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari and Opera, all running on OS X and Linux. I have reset the browsers (repeatedly), uninstalled and re-installed Flash Player 9 and Flash Player 10. I have scanned the forums and tried every suggestion I found there. The only thing that works is copying and pasting the URL.

    The image insertion problem came along with the “new and improved” WordPress. Surely there must be a solution but if anyone is working on one it isn’t apparent. How about a short report from Support on what is going on?



    How many weeks now and the image uploader still doesn’t work ?



    I simply concluded three weeks ago that it would probably never work quite right for me. If it weren’t for the workarounds I couldn’t get anything done.

    Count your blessings: I’m an author on an independent WP install and they don’t even have the browser uploader option. I’ve been using Photobucket, which I loathe, ever since the upgrade.



    I had this problem last night – tried this morning and it was fine? Strange.


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