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    Why images are not published uzing publicize to tumblr? Since like two days when I post just image on, it is not published to tumblr; if more than one image is included or text and images, on tumblr it looks like a quotation, with images reduced to buttons in tumblr dashboard. Why such change?

    Before it worked differently: image posts were published, if more than one image was used or image with text, only last of uploaded was published on tumblr (which was quite useful, because that was kind of promoting encouraging people to visit original blog).

    The blog I need help with is


    I have the same problem , with tumblr and in facebook too. In facebook I have the image of my gravatar when i write a post, four days ago I had an image of the photos that I put in the post.
    An in tumblr I have only the title of the post, and them, as a little part of the text, but not the photos like four days ago.
    I tried to do the debbuger but doesn´t work.
    my blogg is
    my facebook page
    my tumblr



    Well, what I tried was to do something like this:
    – revoke in tumblr rights for wordpress account
    – remove tumblr app in sharing settings at wordpress admin panel
    – logged out of both wordpress and tumblr accounts
    – logged in again
    – added tumblr app in sharing settings at wordpress admin panel again
    – checked that in tumblr I could see access to wordpress account granted
    – removed tumblr app in sharing settings at wordpress admin panel and added it again

    Not sure why the last step was necessary, but eventually that fixed problem for me. Until that point, publishing with publicize didn’t work. I guess there was some corruption in settings and removing/adding connection between tumblr and wprodress several times eventually helped in fixing this.

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