images not saving and displaying correctly, help

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    I am making a website with the static Pages editor. I am using AutoFocus theme.
    please see above page link for some sense of the problem.
    Problem is, I cannot make the images I upload stay where I put them, especially on a page with larger than thumbnail images. The pages with only thumbnails are mostly ok, now. But I chose this theme for its large image display on a custom background.

    Once I have selected images, managed to lay them out in the right place, (very difficult), captioned them correctly, and then I click on Publish, or Update, the whole layout I was happy with distorts. Some of the images are erased, and the captions of the images that have been ‘disappeared’ merge into the captions of the remaining pictures. Boxes around images expand and sometimes the images are stretched.
    On the page I have linked to, you will see a caption under a photo that says processarchiveabout. This is three different captions merged into the one remaining image. The other caption on the medium image is wrong too where another image has been erased. This happens when I press Update.

    I’ve had to compromise dramatically on layout to make a page that works. Now am afraid to edit pages that are displaying as correct. I have updated my browser to latest version, and allowed cookies so that isn’t the problem. The computer has been restarted…. WP closed and re-opened. This is taking me days and days…. there are all sorts of blips – surely it should be easier than this? Have you any idea what could be wrong here?

    The blog I need help with is



    please see above page link for some sense of the problem.

    This is a peer-to-peer support forum. If your blog is private, we can’t see the problem, which means we can only give you general advice.

    To begin, try the following tips in regards to image alignment:

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