Images not showing consistently: OK in sidebar widget, broken on pages

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    Thanks for clicking on my question.

    I have images of my favorite books in two places: In a text widget with html in my sidebar, and in a page with my reviews. Also, when I edit the page in, the images show up just fine! (My site is hosted in, but I have a domain name. My links are to the blog name.)

    I did some searching and found this page with some convoluted finagling that can be done:
    Is this still the case? Is that all that can be done to fix the problem? That topic is closed, or I would ask there.

    (also, I’m having a hard time understanding what to do if that is the only thing that can be done.)

    Thank you,


    The blog I need help with is



    Will you please post the URLs of the posts or pages that have “broken images” in them so we can examine them and help you?


    Hi Timethief,

    Here is the page with most of my images:

    Reviews of Books with Scientific Evidence that God Exists

    The books in the right sidebar show up consistently.

    Thank you,



    Check and make sure those images are still in the media library. They are reporting 404 file not found errors, which means wordpress cannot find them in the media library.


    They show when editing my pages. That is what is confusing. X


    OK, this is strange.

    My sidebar widget has all my original file names and they show up fine, but when I look in the media, they all have a “2” added to the end of my original file name. WordPress somehow added the “2” for some reason.

    I just went into my Recommended Books page and added the “2” to each url, and now they all show up (if I right click and say “show picture”). But,since all the ones in my sidebar html have the original file name without the “2” why do they still show up?





    Just to make sure, I just shut down my browser, deleted my temporary internet files, and opened my site again. The sidebar with the “wrong” urls still shows everything hunky dory.

    Truly strange…



    If you happened to have deleted the first image and uploaded a replacement, wordpress will append a number to the end of the file name. The reason this happens is that wordpress uses a MySQL database to store all the information for a blog, and with databases as a rule, when you “delete” something, you are not actually deleting it, you are “marking it for deletion” and the deletion (sometimes called “packing”) happens on a set schedule, not at the time you delete it in your dashboard. That means that the original file is still in the database and since two files cannot have the same name, a number is appended to it.

    Go into your widgets and fix the URLs for the images. Also pay attention to the month/year listed in the URL. If the original was uploaded in October (10/2010), but the new one was uploaded in November (11/2010) you will have to correct those as well.



    Thank you for the very clear explanation of the situation. I don’t remember deleting and reloading the images, but based upon your explanation, that’s what I must have done.

    I will take your advice and add the “2”s to my sidebar html widget right now.

    But, I still don’t understand why the “deleted” images would show in my sidebar and not in the page…… (cue Twilight Zone music…)

    Thanks bunches for the help. This forum is full of helpful and knowledgeable people!



    You’re welcome. Also, make sure and check the dates just in case there is a change to the month the images were uploaded.


    I didn’t get what you were talking about before. OK, I just checked the dates in the media urls and they match what is in the widget.

    Thanks, again!



    Good then all you need do is verify the file names from the media library and then update the widget links.


    I’ve edited the widget links, so I think I’m done now. Woo hoo!

    Thanks again!



    You’re welcome. Take the rest of the day off, you deserve it!

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