Images not showing in my RSS feed

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    Hi people.

    Image are not showing in my RSS feed. Would you please help?

    even when I run it through feedburner

    Any ideas please?



    I see images in the feedburner link you posted; one in each post, receipts with handwriting on them? It might be the browser you’re using. Are you using Firefox? IE?



    (wave to cj)

    I see the images in both feeds using IE7. Maybe it was just a hiccup?


    Thanks for the quick replies.
    I am using Firefox and couldn’t see the images. However when I used Internet Explorer I can. Any idea why this happens? Also some rss aggregators do not display the images in my posts but do so for other blogs for example the difference between:
    thanks for your help



    I’m not sure why it would be doing that; I know different readers display feeds differently and can be more compatible with different browsers, but it shouldn’t matter here as they’re both WP blogs. Have you checked in Dashboard > Options > Reading to see if syndication feeds is set to full text? That might be one thing that’s doing it. Otherwise maybe you could check in Google Reader to see if it’s the same there.


    Yes my feed is set to show full txt.

    Thanks for the google reader idea.

    The images show up in the google reader feed. I add a couple of other feeds to see if there was any difference. All the pictures showed up in Google reader. Even for other blogs where the pictures are hosted on rather than say flickr.

    I noticed however that the on the other blogs the pics are all links, usually to a large image or the same file, in my blog the pictures are not links. Perhaps the RSS feed does something to pics with < ahref> tags that it does to just <img> tags.

    Not sure. Will experiment.

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