Images not showing on Windows in Forever Theme

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    I am currently using WordPress’s Forever Theme for my blog: I don’t have any trouble loading the page and images on my mac computer, but the images are not loading correctly on Windows. They are reading as outlined boxes. Is this a problem with the theme itself or the way I’m saving featured images?
    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is



    On Win7 using Chrome17, I see the images in your front page and posts. Is there a particular post/page where you see this and what browser and version are you using?


    The images aren’t showing on any pages (that includes the slider and the featured images) and the problem is showing on Internet Explorer on Windows 6



    All the images on your front page display well in Firefox 10.0.2. They do not display properly in IE8. In IE8 what I see is a left side thin spagetti strip of each image and I have to click those strips to see the full images.



    OK-I’m not familiar with “Windows 6” and you didn’t mention which version of IE you are using, but using Win7 and IE9, I see the featured images, but not the main photo in the slider area.

    I suggest contacting Support directly and feel free to point them to this thread.



    OK-slider just showed up for me in Win7/IE9.


    oops! I’m purely a mac girl and I figured Windows 6 would simply be before Win7…I’m having trouble finding exactly what type of Windows it is…Like timethief the image is showing as a thin spaghetti strip. I’ll try support directly.



    You’re welcome from me and best wishes.


    Thanks for letting us know about this bug, thegoodtasteguide. It should be all good now.



    I’s sorry to say nothing changed for me whether or not I use IE8 with or without compatibility mode on the images are dispalying a thin spaghetti strip.


    Timethief, perhaps clear your browser cache? I can see it working in IE8 on two machines.


    Ah. But not on the smaller thumbnails. Keep that cache! :)


    Thanks for the timely bug report, Timethief.


    Thank you all for your help on this issue-is it safe to assume its in working condition now?


    Yep, but if any image case was missed let us know and we’ll fix it up pronto.



    Hi there and thanks for the fix.


    Thank you all so much for your help this far. The good news is that the images are fixed on my father’s PC. The bad news is that they are not working on a friend’s. Unfortunately they are out of state and don’t know what version PC…


    It might be a case of the older styles being cached. If you can find out more we can look into it.

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