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    Hello, all.

    I would like help with a problem I’ve got. I host all the images I use on my WordPress blog through Photobucket. Suddenly, my blog shows notices where my images should be (and, were, up until recently), that the image is unavailable and has been moved or deleted.

    This is not true. The images have not been deleted (I checked) nor have they been moved (I checked — they’re still in the same folders I originally put them in).

    On Photobucket, I have the various images for each blog entry placed in a named folder for that post, so that my main page there on PB isn’t full of images. I have not moved these images or changed their links at all, and everything was working fine up until a couple of days ago.

    I’m wondering if with all the updates WordPress is doing, something went wrong? Is it something that others are encountering, too? If so, is there a fix on the way — aside from going back through all the entries and changing all the pictures again?

    My thanks in advance.


    my site –>


    how were you obtaining them? were you hotlinking them from their blog or were you using the proper link from the photobucket account? The link on the image currently on 3/26 has the URL

    is shane Leonard your account?



    Shane Leonard is my account, yes.

    As for how I was obtaining them originally — it was from Photobucket’s link, and not from hotlinking through other locations.

    Like I said, up until the last few days, this was working just fine, and I’d not changed a thing either on my Photobucket account, or here in my WordPress one. The other blog that I’m using is also using the same images, from the same links, to the same folders on Photobucket, and those pages are still as they always were — perfect. So, it leads me to think that there’s something wrong here, with some of these updates that have occured. But, as the Helpdesk says it’s closed, I don’t know who to bring this up to.

    Surely, I can’t be the only person with this issue.



    do you see the images when u previewed your post?



    Hi, Riraito.

    Yes. I did. And, as I said above, everything was perfect up until just recently. It looked perfect everyday after I did it until this week. This is a very-recent issue.



    I saw this same conversation on the forum a few days ago.
    The person complaining discovered that if they took the images out of the folder at photobucket and just put them in photobuckets root default folder, everything worked.
    I also use photobucket, no problems, but i do not use folders there.



    I think I just discovered what’s happened. But, honestly… it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Granted, I’m not great at the intricacies of coding, but:

    the link on my front page is this —


    the link Photobucket is giving me is this:


    The only difference between the two of them is in the word “WordPress” — whereas in the link that doesn’t work, the ‘P’ in WordPress is uppercase. The link that does work, the ‘P’ is lowercase. Typing in that address with the lowercase ‘P’ brings up the image as normal in the browser.

    Since when did lower/uppercase characters have that much effect on things? Seriously?



    I guess Photobucket just changed something. I’d give them some feedback on it. Kind of weird to be case-sensitive like that.



    Actually, I just found out that this was a WordPress change that was enacted, and they didn’t know that it would change the upper/lowercase type. I seem to be the one who alerted them to it, and they’re looking into it right now.


    I’m having the same problem as you. Up until the first week of May, all of my photobucket images showed up on my wordpress blog. I tried your solution, changing the “P” in wordpress, but it still does not work for me.


    I tried something else, hopefully it works for others with the same problem. I moved all of my images from my separate photobucket folders into my main photobucket page, and my images now show up.





    They were hacked last week. Maybe some lingering side effects happening.

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