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Why are my images not showing up?

  1. Hello,
    I migrated from a install (on a Linode VM) to

    The import went smoothly and even all of my images appeared correctly. Great stuff!

    I then paid for the $12 upgrade so I could map my domain ( to my wordpress site. Everything is mapped correctly except now my images don't appear. Could someone help me with this please?


    Blog url:

  2. It appears that when you imported your blog from, you didn't have the "Download and import file attachments" option checked, so none of your images were actually transferred over to (They were being loaded from your old blog hosted at linode.)

    Since you mapped the domain, the images are no longer loading because is no longer pointing to your linode instance, it's pointing here to

    You have two choices to get your images showing:
    - Manually upload the images to your media library, and then edit the posts and attach the images
    - Change the nameservers back to Linode, empty your blog, then reimport the blog content (with the "Download and import file attachments" box checked), then point the name servers back at

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