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    This started last night and I have tried IE, Firefox and Google Chrome but none of them are showing the images I uploaded yesterday onto a post. I know they are in there as they were fine when I posted them, now no images are appearing in any post, just the captions. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    The blog I need help with is


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    @ snookerbacker

    I see pictures with titles in your latest several posts. No orphan captions at all.

    Try clearing your browers’ caches, log out, re-start browers log in to wp again. Or check your site before logging in again.


    Thanks for the advice Tess. Still seems to be a problem – I’m wondering if it may be with the provider, though I’m having no problems anywhere else.


    They are now appearing in a seperate box when I hover over them but they are not appearing on the post. It’s driving me mad now!


    One further question, if I delete my library images, will this remove them from blog posts? I don’t intend to re-use any of them so wondered if this might help? Thanks.



    if I delete my library images, will this remove them from blog posts? I don’t intend to re-use any of them so wondered if this might help?

    Yes it will remove them from your posts. Don’t do it. Unless the images are in the Media Library the browser has nothing to fetch so it cannot be found or viewed.


    OK many thanks for that. I still can’t view the images. I read another post saying that it may be a geographical thing or a problem with a provider so I might just have to sit tight and see if it works later on. It’s never happened before.


    This is still a problem, hovering over the image brings up a snapshot but the images are just grey squares with a caption underneath – it looks like my browser is trying to load them but it never actually does. I’d appreciate any advice on how to fix this from anyone more knowledgeable than me. Has it happened to anyone before?


    I also cannot see the images in my library. I’m on a different PC/Server later and will see if it is ok on there. All other website images are loading instantly except for this one.


    Hi snookerbacker. Would you happen to be on SKY ISP?

    Check this out:

    hopefully someone will post a fix soon, very frustrating.



    I have the same problem. Photos are not showing up, it must be a problem with the WordPress server but they don’t seem to be aware of it.



    no, it seems to be a problem with sky, they have made changes

    for example file sharing sites like rapidshare have been blocked


    really? “blocked” deliberately?

    I thought I lived in the UK not China!

    Is there any way around it?


    Yes I am on Sky too. Is there any point ringing them? I actually lifted a couple of photos from flickr yesterday with permission, do you think if I delete these it might help? The problem only began yesterday.


    I’m on another server now at work and it comes up fine – not a Sky one obviously.


    I am having the exact same problem as snookerbacker. I am also with Sky.
    Has anyone found a solution to this yet??



    Have you read the “sticky” post at the head of the forum? Here’s the link

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