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    Just recently moved to WordPress from Blogger because of certain better features like categories, but I’m having trouble getting photos to show on my blog. I’ve managed to upload 4 photos just to test. If I click on ‘Browse All’ (next to upload), I see 4 thumbnails. I left-click on the first picture, choose ‘Using Thumnail’, choose ‘Linked to Image’ and then click on ‘Send to editor’. All I get is a textbox with the imagename inside it linking to the image. I’ve even tried to drag-and-drop the image into the editor, then I can see the thumbnail in the editor but when I click on Publish, the thumbnail is replaced with a textbox linking to the image again. I’ve done two test posts on my blog for anyone to look at to see what I mean. What could be the problem? I’m obviously doing something wrong, please help!!!



    I’ve sussed it!

    I clicked on ‘My Account’ and at the bottom of the page I saw this ‘Use the visual rich editor when writing’, so I unchecked it. When I went back to write another post, there was no WYSIWYG editor and now the pictures work.




    it does’t work on mine

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