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Images not uploading + Ecto no longer recognized

  1. Since 1st October, I'm having serious problems uploading images to my blogs. First upload procedure running 5 times more slowly, and now today it goes through the process but, after crunching, the image upload box disappears. so no image uploaded.

    Using correctly sized jpgs, ie 480 width, as always.

    On 1st October, ecto had auto upgrade to new version, and now wordpress does not allow images to be added from ecto.

    Not sure if this is coincidental.

    I'm constantly working on my blogs and this is a major problem.

    Would appreciate any advice or help, or info if there are general issues with wordpress and if so, some idea when it might be sorted.

    Have also found i can't now upload images to photobucket, and at the same time macmail got sluggish sending emails, so maybe server issue, or perhaps UK-USA connection issue?

    MAC OS X 10.4.11 1.8 PowerPC G5 using Camino 1.5.3 as browser.

    Server is Virginmedia with 2gb.

    Blog =

    I realize camino is not the latest browser available, ie i could use firefox, but camino works fastest without bugs and no crashes. Am not aware that wordpress has withdrawn support for it.

    Additional issue on above blog, please see next post

  2. Also having problems uploading images since the new upgrade w/ It just seems to be timing out without uploading. Any help/ideas greatly appreciated.

  3. What browser and version are you using?

  4. 1 day after this post, uploads started working again. But now it's become boringly screwed up again.

    Is there a part of i can look at to see if you know about this sort of issue and are working on it? Or is it just pot-luck whether i pick a time to try and upload images that happens to be when the system is down?

  5. I'm having trouble this morning with uploading pictures. It's intermittent but annoying. Happens every now and then fairly regularly.

  6. To be more specific: the images seem to upload (are crunched) but no image appears and a broken box link appears instead of the image.

  7. I am also experiencing the same issue. It's intermittent here as well. FF 3.0.3.

  8. Could by a simply setting they implemented in the update
    that your over looking.

    Also by linking your name to your blog it will serve the purposes…
    If you need to ask a support question in the forum then it will make it easier for the volunteers to see what blogging platform your using & will aide them in giving you a more accurate answer to your issue.

  9. I, too, am having trouble. The image appears in edit screen, but not on the site (only the caption appears on the site).

  10. Same problem here, as described by others above. FF 3.0.2

  11. Same problem here since about an hour ago!!!! HELP! sort it out wordpress!

  12. What browser and version are you using?

  13. Add me to the list. Some of my photos have posted, others have not. All have been optimized before they were uploaded. They crunch and then an empty box appears w/ the caption. I use IE-7.

  14. I tagged the thread with "ModLook" to grab staffs attention
    since there is allot of people having the same issue.

  15. It's either fixed, or I'm very lucky...

    I just uploaded the photo and posted.

    Firefox 3.0.2 (Fedora 8). I used the Flash uploader. My flash plugin is 9.0

  16. I need to get some clarification here, is everyone having a problem with the new version of Ecto, or with uploading an image via wp-admin?

  17. I'm using FF 3.0.2 and Safari, trying to upload via wp-admin. Having a very hard time getting images to upload. It seems like it takes about 20 tries before one actually uploads.

  18. FF 3.0.3 and uploading via admin only. As with some others, I get the crunching but the file has not actually been uploaded. It happens intermittently and after a few tries it gets uploaded successfully. Thanks

  19. Having trouble adding media in a post. Seems to take several tries before success. Pretty much all admin functions are running slowly under FireFox.

  20. I need to get some clarification here, is everyone having a problem with the new version of Ecto, or with uploading an image via wp-admin?

    I think it would be very surprising if all the wordpress users posting on this thread all used ecto.

    This is an intermittent wp fault. Some days ok, some days buggy.

    Essentially, since the recent wp update image upload has been crap.

    The issue is that after crunching the image does not display or load onto the page.

    Sometimes it will load successfully after 2 or 3 attempts. Sometimes can vary the wp browser andn that works ok. Sometimes you have to rename the image file to get it to publish on a subsequent attempt. Sometimes you have to make a new copy of the image to upload ok.

    But that's too much work just to upload one image.

    Re ecto, initially after wp update, wp refused to recognize ecto. Now it's recognized, but (when wp is having one of its image upload problem days) if i publish a page of images via ecto, page is accepted, but some of the images on the page display successfully and some don't.

  21. This bug needs some serious attention. I upload 30-40 pictures a day on a Pro account and it's costing me a lot of time and frustration (not to mention all of my coworkers are having the same problem).
    I'm using and the image uploader.

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