Images not visible in China. Server problem?

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    The images of my blogs cannot be seen in China, even though the pages can be opened. Some other people’s blogs, also hosted by WordPress, can be viewed in China without problem. This is probably due to the server on which my sites are hosted. Can WordPress move my sites to a server that can be accessed in China without any problem? After all I paid for this service to work.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m sorry but China blocks and there’s nothing we can do about that. I don’t know if blogs which are hosted by many different hosts are blocked or not. See what Staff (macmanx) said here please >


    Can I keep my domain names but move host to somebody else that’s not blocked in China? Will I be able to use the same user interface (dashboard) or or I’ll end up with a website that I have to update manually, or can I keep using the WP software?



    Your domain names belong to your and can be moved.
    The dashboard is not exactly the same. Yes you have to update the software and the themes and the plugins and do everything yourself on a install. If anything goes wrong you fix it. WordPress.ORG supplies only free software.


    So the blog will look the same after I transfer to a different service provider, except instead of using the dashboard, I now use the WP software? Does WP charge a fee for transferring content to another ISP?



    They CAN if you want: if you do the export yourself, there’s no charge, but if you want a Guided Transfer, it’s $99 I believe.

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