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    Can’t say I’m a big fan of the new uploader either but at least I’ve mucked around with it enough to get things to load (though not as conveniently as before). What has been pointed out to me is that my photos, while opening in separate pages from the thumbnail, are no longer opening in a page with the descriptions or the ability for viewers to comment.

    Why would this be? I’ve tried to select the different url options in the image manager but that doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.


    Member is working on this problem. For the time being, you will likely need to edit in your alt and title tags manually in the image uploader and then again in the HTML post editor for the tags to stick.

    HTH and happy blogging.


    which browser are you using? that’s currently making a difference.



    Thanks for the replies.

    Energetic, thanks for the link. It was informative but for my situation it looks like I’m just going to have to wait for WP to fix the problem. Frustrating actually since the main focus of my blog is my photography.

    Dissfunktional, I’m using Firefox. Does that make a difference?

    Thanks again.


    There are issues with each browser of some kind, I’m running more than one browser in order to get around issues if I need to. Your users are going to be using various browsers as well, and different versions of them. What a headache, hm? ;)



    Yes, most definitely a headache. Hopefully WP gets this sorted out ASAP.


    wordpress is an open source project. folks world wide can just ‘jump in’, grab a bug and start working on it. many softwares are such as this. think linux, think firefox.

    that being said, you can ‘see it’ being worked on, watch the active tickets, and know too if it’s firefox… IE, etc, assuming yes that which browser is the offender has been discovered.

    the trac for wordpress where you can watch it’s story unfold is here:



    Actually, I didn’t realize that WP is open source. Thanks for the link.




    I use a lot of photos, too, and I’m working on a simple instruction sheet for fixing the alt and title tags which have gone missing recently. I’ll post here again when it’s up and ready.



    Apologies for the delay, and here it is as promised: how to fix alt and title tags in the new

    Hope that helps and happy blogging.



    Here’s an update.

    There’s an error in the way the new WordPress image uploader is writing the title tags. It’s placing these in the wrong part of the image code string.

    The result is that although the uploader will code a title tag (‘description’) when you insert your image into your post, it strips this out as soon as you save the post. In consequence, no hover text will be displayed.

    It’s a bug, but until that’s fixed you can go back and fix it manually in the HTML editor. Here’s how you do it:

    It seems to me that it would be really useful to institute a ‘Status’ page showing current issues and progress towards fixing them.

    Clearly there’s been a lot of work going on behind the scenes over the past four weeks since the upgrade on 4th April, and that’s all very much appreciated.

    Nevertheless, providing more information about what is going on would be a very positive step towards customer relations and would help these forums to work more effectively for everyone.

    Anyway, just one suggestion for improving WordPress and making life easier for staff and users alike. In the meantime, I hope this fix is useful for anyone who needs it.

    All kind regards from London, and happy blogging.



    Interesting and intriguing that this post has been marked ‘resolved’.

    Hopefully that means the problem has been fixed, or will be very soon. Fingers crossed!


    i also use both alt and title tags. the title tag is useful ONLY if the image is hyperlinked. a sample code:

    `<img src=”Img_Src” alt=”Hovering Text” height=”16″ width=”16″>

    i have tested this coding in three different browsers.

    internet explorer – the text hovers if you use either title or alt tag
    opera – alt doesn’t hover, title does. i don’t know what happens when the image takes long to load.
    firefox – title hovers, you can see alt in the image box if the image is taking too long to download.

    so it seems it is all pretty idyosyncratic and it would be better to use both alt and title tags for the time being.


    i forgot to close the backtick, so i will write the code again:

    <a title="Image Title" href=""><img src="Img_Src" alt="Img_Alt" height="160" width="160"></a>

    sorry for the confusion the first time!



    It is just a workaround to put the title-attribut in the a-Tag. Although it is a good one.

    The problem is, that the title-attribut is stripped out, although it is valid.

    See the documentation of TinyMCE:
    (or check maybe has just a configuration problem of the editor!?

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