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images order in a gallery

  1. Hello. I created a gallery in my post but have a problem with photos being displayed in the desired order.
    password: gallery

    [[gallery orderby="title ASC" exclude="6278,6275,6276,6273" ids="6296,6301,6299,6297,6300,6298,6295,6294,6293,6292,6289,6288,6282,6287,6286,6285,6284,6283,6281,6280,6290,6279"]]

    What I did:
    1. Excluded images I do not want to appear in the gallery (they are separately in the post body).

    2. Created the post with text only, added title, saved as draft and then added the gallery.

    3. In gallery edit mode:
    a/ arranged the images in the desired order.
    b/ changed the image titles to alphabet letters corresponding to the order (first image a, second image b, third image c, etc.)
    c/ linked as attachement page

    4. In the individual media settings:
    a/ disabled the tile view
    b/ disabled the carousel view

    5. What is happening:
    a/ the little tiles in the blog appear in the desired order
    b/ upon clicking the first image from the tiles, the attachement page opens on image a, but the next is not b as I would like it to be but some other random letter
    c/ the excluded images appear in the gallery

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Anyone from support care to look into it?

  3. Not support, but you don't need to use excludes any longer with the new media handler. When you want to insert a gallery, only pick the images you want to appear in the Gallery. Then you can go back and insert the individual images. See here for more.

    About image order, I'm not sure why your attachment pages wouldn't follow the order you've set, especially since the thumbnail images are appearing in the correct order, but I'll tag this for Staff assistance.

    There is a backlog of threads needing Staff attention, so please be patient while they get back to you.

  4. Also, in the meantime, if you've already dragged and dropped your gallery images in the order you want them to appear, try removing the sort order you've added to the shortcode.

  5. I added the exclude command because it was not excluding in the first place - and it is still not excluding, even with the command.

    I will remove the sort order as you suggested, but please be aware that I tried every possible configuration as I spent several hours on this before writing here.

    Thank you for your feedback and I will await my turn.

  6. If you uploaded all the images together to that post, then they were automatically selected for inclusion in the Gallery. You need to deselect them to keep them out of the Gallery.

  7. If I am not mistaken, this contradicts with what you said earlier:
    "you don't need to use excludes any longer with the new media handler. When you want to insert a gallery, only pick the images you want to appear in the Gallery".

    Anyways, the code includes only those images which I want to be in the gallery, the ones I want excluded are not listed in the code. They appear regardless of exclusion or not.

    This is the code without the pictures I want exluded.
    [gallery ids="6296,6301,6299,6297,6300,6298,6295,6294,6293,6292,6289,6288,6282,6287,6286,6285,6284,6283,6281,6280,6290,6279"]

  8. Hi there,

    If you're looking to view the images in the order you select, you may want to enable the gallery carousel:

    (the Display images in full-size carousel slideshow option) - then you will see a full-size image, and you users can cycle through these in the order you have established.

    I believe what Jennifer meant (please feel free to correct me Jennifer!) is that you have the option to select all the images inserted into a post for your gallery, but when you create the gallery itself, you select or deselect the images right then - you indeed do not have to exclude specific images in the shortcode; but you do have to exclude them in the "edit gallery" feature.

    Does this help at all, or are you still not pleased with the functionality?

  9. In the many hours I wasted on this gallery, I have patiently applied all options, believe me - carousel on, carousel off. I excluded, did not exclude. I checked other posts on gallery and applied the suggestions. It just doesn't work. I am not pleased.

  10. Also, I should have the images in order without having the carousel - I actually do not like this option.

  11. Hi there,

    From what I understand, you'd like your attachment pages to re-order to the same order as your gallery arrangement? This isn't currently possible; I'm sorry.

    Are you trying to do something else or is that it?

  12. Yes, what I am trying to achieve is for my visitors to view the full size pictures - whether as attachement or carousel - in the intented order. This is actually quite a bummer that this option is unavailable, this is such a basic feature. What is the use of having a gallery if I cannot arrange the pictues in the order which would tell a story?

    I have a friend who left wordpress for blogger due to poor image management.

  13. I'm sorry that this is disappointing.

    To be clear, you CAN re-order the images in the gallery carousel, but not the attachment pages.

    One of the reasons that the attachment pages don't re-order is if you had them in multiple galleries, the burden on memory for them to change around depending on what post the user was in would be too large to be sustainable, since those are the original file pages for the images, and aren't associated with posts independently. So that is what the carousel is supposed to help bridge - your viewers can look at the images in the order you've chosen, no matter how many posts use a particular image or series of images.

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