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    When I insert an image into my local development blog I always wind up with an image src of “src=”http://localhost …..” regardless how I edit it. If I insert it by clicking the image icon, I still get the same results. As a result, when I upload it to my ISP’s server and view it, it still references
    “src=”http://localhost …..”.

    I must admit, I have heard good things about WordPress but it does not appear to be industrial strength. I wonder if this is indicative of most open source software?



    Sorry. Can’t resist. :)

    I’ve heard good thinhgs about always reading a post labeled “Please read me first before posting.”

    If you have the wordpress software and are hosted elsewhere, you need to be over at as you would using different software than we are here at I would also strongly suggest not insulting those you are asking for help from as you did here in your post. The New York Times is using WordPress. What does that tell you?

    You may want to explain how you’re trying to add in a picture as well. If you’re uploading it to your local box, that it would say localhost since that’s where the picture is. You have to upload it to your online server to be able to have other be able to see it. Visitors can’t access your local box. You need to put it somewhere where they can see it and this means uploading it to your onlone blog.

    Hope this helps,

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