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    Hi, I’m having problems with the images on one of my posts, I’ve uploaded images to other posts and they’ve all been fine but this particular post seems to end up with the images pixelated. How do i resolve this?

    Thank you, Elizabeth

    The blog I need help with is


    Thank you! I think it might actually be my computer….. when i hover over the images it says press shift and A to improve quality of images, don’t know why though!



    The bottom line is simple. Presize and optimize all images to the exact size you want prior to uploading them.

    How good is WordPress at resizing and resampling your images?


    @elizabeth, check the preferences in your browser and see if there is a setting for displayed image quality.


    I’m still having the same problem. I resized my pictures according to the limitations of my layout. They still appear extremely pixelated when I upload from my hard drive (Mac). Checked browser too, everything fine there.

    I have uploaded these same pictures before and there was never any problem. It’s only recently that the upload doesn’t seem to work.

    Perhaps I’ll try another layout template…


    Nothing worked. I ended up just finding new images online and using the URL option instead of uploading, the resized inside of WP. It’s the only way I could get it to work.



    Hi there,

    Had a similar problems, only I upload my photos to flickr then link to them in WordPress.

    The problem: I was making the images big in WordPress when I’d taken the code for medium or small images from Flickr. This meant that wordpress was making a smaller image big, which naturally pixelates.

    You can get the code for a larger image from flickr, or you can simply add “_b” in the image location code. e.g. instead of

    …img src=””…

    you’ll have

    …img src=””…

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