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    The new interface for uploading photos seems to be rotating some photos for no apparent reason and with no way to undo the rotation. This seems to be happening for about half of a group of a dozen photos I was uploading. This is with Chrome 23.0.1271.95 m on Windows 7.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,

    Once you’ve uploaded the image, you can click on the edit button next to the image, and that’s where you see the options to update the title, caption, etc. Below the image, however, is a button “Edit Image” and that’s where you can update the rotation. You can see the button in the last screenshot at this link:

    Does this help?


    [The blog citation is wrong — should be I’m working on a draft post “Madelene’s PET”]

    I normally don’t use the Media – Add New navigation as suggested at What I’m used to doing is using the Add Media button on Edit Post. That navigation does not give the edit options cited in your response.

    Using Media – Add New, it is not obvious, even if it is possible, as to how to get the added image to be tagged as uploaded to the post, so that it will be included in a [slideshow]. Is there a page that shows how to do that? I started experimenting with creating a new gallery and stopped at the point that I seemed to be forced to insert that as a gallery. I suppose I could have proceeded, then deleted the gallery from the post, then added [slideshow] and maybe that would have worked?

    The new interface is certainly broken for me in two regards: (1) it shouldn’t automatically rotate images and force me to undo this mistaken attempt at assisting me and (2) the new interface makes cumbersome, if not impossible, what I was used to doing without thinking in the old interface.



    Hi there,

    You are correct – the current media uploader doesn’t let you rotate in the blog. My advice would be to upload all the images you want to use into your media library first, and rotate as needed. We’re currently working on debugging this rotation issue, so hopefully this will be over for you soon. Then, you can load them into your blog from the media library as you write. A possible bonus to this work flow is you won’t have to pause to upload; you’ll already have your images loaded and ready to go!

    The functionality for editing is getting a long, hard look in the next update (won’t be far down the line), so that we can make your capabilities to edit images from within posts more robust.

    Feedback like yours is very valuable for us – it lets us know when users really prefer a particular work flow.


    I tried following your advice, including manually rotating photos that were incorrectly rotated as part of the upload. I was able to insert into the post as a new gallery. However, I couldn’t figure out how to make them work as a [slideshow]. Trying to add ids as with [gallery ids="2352,2353,2354,2355,2356,2357,2358,2359,2360,2361,2362,2363"] doesn’t seem to work with [slideshow ids="2352,2353,2354,2355,2356,2357,2358,2359,2360,2361,2362,2363"]. I published the post with the photos as a gallery.

    From my perspective, WordPress has removed capabilities that I used frequently, typically once a week with and occasionally with other hosted sites. It is more than preference of work flow. I don’t think it is possible to have [slideshow] work as long as the upload auto-rotates images incorrectly.



    Hi again,

    I checked around a little bit, and I see this:

    If you upload images directly to the media library from Media -> Add New, you will need to attach them to a post or page before they will appear in a slideshow.

    I’m not sure if that’s helpful for your purposes – I do know that I helped a user earlier who needed to attach his images to a post before they would function in the gallery correctly, and it seems there’s something similar at play for slideshows.

    So you can attach images that are currently unattached by going to your media library and clicking on “unattached” then selecting any unattached images and using the “bulk actions” drop down to attach them to a post.

    That should help, but let me know if you have any lingering issues and I’ll be happy to see what I can do to help.


    That does seem to work for my purpose. I didn’t read your post carefully enough and attached them individually. Even if I had used the bulk actions, it would have been significantly more effort than it used to be. [Without bulk actions, it was another extra dozen steps.]

    If upload to a post didn’t do the auto-rotate, or at least gave the option to edit rotation after upload, then this would not be so frustrating.

    BTW, I uploaded the same images to PicasaWeb, and it did the same incorrect auto-rotate for the same images. However, it had icons immediately available to correct the rotations.



    Hi there,

    We are working on the rotation bug – you’re right; that shouldn’t be happening. So, fortunately, you won’t be constantly having to rotate your images when you pull them in.

    Good to hear about the PIcasa solution – we can always learn from other UI!

    Hopefully we’ll have all these wrinkles worked out soon, and this won’t be such a stumbling block.



    There is a related problem. When I uploaded the image at, I had to rotate. The small version in the post is oriented correctly now, but the full media file at is still incorrect.



    Oh that’s really interesting. Also, notice that the attachment page is rotated correctly:

    Edited: Also, when I click on the file in the Attachment Page, that image is correctly rotated.

    Thanks for letting me know about this – it looks like it’s definitely related. I’ll alert the team!



    Hi again,

    So, to clear up the thread – it is possible to edit an image from the blog post at this point. An “edit image” link is available in the Upload Media module, next to the image itself.

    Second, to address the rotating images issue: once you edit the image (new window opens, rotate, close the edit window), you’ll have to refresh the link in the image browser (this link appears where the edit image link was previously – next to the image above “delete image”). If you click that before inserting the image into the post, your link will be correct.

    So the steps are upload > rotate > refresh > insert.

    I hope that helps!


    Yes, I was able to edit the image as you suggest. Still a bug, IMO, that the image was rotated in the first place, but the workaround is much simpler now vs. the more serious problems when I first noticed December 3, and the inappropriate rotation seems infrequent now.



    We’ll get those kinks worked out, but the first barrier is at least lowered, and you are able to manage your images a bit smoother.

    Thank you so much for your patience!

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