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    I’ve looked around and it seems that my blog is the only one i can find with this problem. When the window is “restored down” and isnt maximized my images run over top of my text and really messes up my site. Im not sure if maybe this has to do with the theme that im using. Here’s an example on this post if you change the size of your window you’ll see that the images run into the text and make it impossible to read.
    Thank you :)


    So I checked it out more and I found a post by someone else using the same theme as me (Garland) and it doesnt seem to effect there text in the same way as mine when you change the size of the browser window
    Help Please!!!!!



    The sample post that you give looks fine to me. (Thanks by the way for the sample. I wish more folks would do that as it makes my job much easier around here.)

    What browser, version and screen resolution are you using? I’m using IE7 at 1024 x 768 and it looks fine.



    Didn’t they add Garland and then un-add it, because of this very problem? Check the last line of Matt’s post here.


    Thanks so much for the feed back. Im not sure what resolution or anything im using. It’s weird though, when I switch themes it doesnt seem to have the same problem. Thats awesome that its working for you thank you so much. I’ll either just stick it out and hope that it works for other people the way that it does for you, or ill change themes. Thanks again for the help :)



    I think until the Garland dispute is resolved (give it a couple of months at least) you’d be better off switching themes.

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