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Images show as links / editing image info

  1. I've just uploaded several images, but they all seem to show as links, and not images, in the file manager (below the post box) and on my blog. These images are of my custom header and my avatar.

    When clicked on in the file manager, the top line says, "file type: import", and the available options are to "link to file" or "link to page". I would like them to show as images within my posts. How can that be done?

    Also, is it not possible to edit the title and descriptions of images? I know editing the alt tag can be done manually after entering the image into the editor, but I would like to make it a permanent change. I'd like the description to show up when the pointer is held over the image, too. I thought the alt tag would take care of that, but apparently not. ^^;;

    ps: btw, are gifs not fully supported? None of mine animate after the 2nd view.

  2. Looks like a systemwide problem to me! Every blog i visit is stripped of images!

  3. Sorry!
    I have just tried most of the same blogs in Firefox and they work fine. It's only Opera that has an issue and it could well be something i did!
    My Bad!

  4. Hoorah for the new upload manager!

    Similar problems as stated above, though. Some of the images - mainly the small ones - only show as their titles, and not as thumbnails. The images also will not display on their edit pages (where you can change the title, description, etc). Navigating away and back to the page resolves the problem for one of the images, but for the most part I can't seem to fix this.

    In the upload manager below the post editor, smaller images will stubbornly refuse to show, no matter what. No preview, and won't show after clicking on them either.

    Also, the titles I set for the images don't get set as the TITLE attribute (ie, they don't show up as tooltips). I've tried fiddling with the html in the post, but it gets wiped out.

  5. Might help us help you if you mention what posts you're looking at so we can see what is going on.

  6. Well, the pictures show in the posts just fine, it's that they won't display in the upload managers (under the Manage tab and under the post editor).

    The problematic images don't show when I click Manage > Uploads > (Image) > view either. Like this:

    If you're referring to the tooltip/title attribute problem, er, there's nothing to show. ^^;; The "title=blah blah blah" html that I keep putting into the html won't save at all, and the image title won't show as a tooltip in firefox.

  7. Just did a new test post -- most issues resolved!

    All images including gifs display (some old ones still won't, so will have to delete and reupload them).

    Title attribute still won't show up as tooltip though, unless the image links to something.

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