Images show error, but their URL is right?

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    Hey! Can someone please hint me whats wrong? We are running our microbusiness site through WP and have made a custom coloured CSS layout. We also have a custom subdomain

    Now there’s a problem:

    The CSS was created and needed images uploaded before the custom domain.
    Now when I try to make any changes and look at the preview, all the images are missing (header, background etc).

    – the images URLs are correct in the CSS code
    – also all colons, semicolons and apostrophes are checked

    The only weird thing I’ve noticed is when I run the code in preview mode, the URL of images that supposed to be there are different from the one in the code, eg.

    Code –
    Right click/copy image location –

    So what on earth is happening and what can I do? Greateful for any help. / Valeria

    The blog I need help with is



    It might be a problem with the preview – try previewing it without making any changes to the code and see what happens.



    Thank you for the tip!

    Unfortunally the view stays the same even without any changes. Actually the only change I was about to make was a bigger font size (nothing related to links), so that one can’t either be in question.

    I also tried a different computer (in case the problem was with my browser cashe / coockies / etc) – still no progress…As if the WP changes almost randomly images URL path.

    Any other suggestions?

    Do you think the problem would go away by submitting the CSS changes – maybe it’s somehow realted to adding the blog to a sub domain?



    It could be the subdomain – I’ve never used one with

    If it’s something simple like the font, just make sure to back up your CSS, and save changes – and see what happens.



    There’s currently a problem where users who have both a mapped domain and custom CSS can’t see the images from their stylesheet when they go to preview them – we are looking into it and will hopefully have it fixed soon.

    If you accept the changes, your images should appear as intended – if they don’t or you don’t like the change, you can always back up to a previous style sheet using the revisions tool.



    This should be fixed. Please let us know if there are any continued problems.



    The preview is working again!

    Couple days back we had some problems with background image visibility (same as I mentioned before – the different URL in code/with right click), but after I updated the CSS, everything looked fine.

    Thank you all one more time for your help and hints :)

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