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Images Show Too Wide(ly) For Mobile On The Hemingway Rewritten Theme?

  1. Hello Designsimply,

    You are welcome. ;)

    I would definitely be interested in being part of a beta testing group for new themes and even for new features/widgets/et cetera, I have actually mentioned this before here at the forums, because I would like to help improve things and help report/find bugs and give suggestions so that things can changed during the development stage when the developers still are willing to to fix/change them. :)

    I seem to be pretty good at noticing certain things that others often miss (I am a bit detail-oriented at times), and I probably could provide some unique feedback/suggestions that I hope could help improve things for everyone and not just myself because I usually like balance/flexibility and trying to help make things work better for a larger variety of people/situations.

    Thank you very much, just let me know when/if this group gets ready, and I will sign-up. :)

    -John Jr

  2. Wonderful! The beta testing group for themes is new. I will add you to the list and email you to ask for feedback from time to time in the future as projects come up. I'm excited you're joining the group!

  3. Hello Designsimply,

    Great! I look forward to participating, thank you. :)

    -John Jr

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