Images showing up slightly blurry?

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    I post comics on my blog. Yesterday I noticed a slight blur to my images. When I click on the image it comes up by itself and it looks sharper. Is there some sort of problem? Compare my post for Jan 11 here: with the comic as it appears by itself here: The tiny bird is definitely sharper in the stand-alone image. Can this be fixed? Thanks for your help.

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m using a Firefox 3.5.6 browser and the cartoons are not blurry when I view them. I’m thinking that reading this entry may be helpful


    @prometheuscomic: Images resized by WP loose some color and sharpness. Unfortunately, after some changes made last August, that also includes images inserted in real size (such as the example you link to) as long as their code includes the dimensions declarations. So the solution is to switch your post to html and remove the width and height commands from the image code.


    Thank you, all. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but I think the problem was that I clicked on something and it made everything smaller (like when you hit control+minus). I hit control plus and now the image is like it used to be.
    Put this problem down to pilot error!



    I’m happy to hear this issue is resolved – yay!


    @prometheuscomic: You’re welcome. But note that my reply applies anyway: the image displayed in the post isn’t as sharp as the original.

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