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    I’ve been having some problems with this… When I look at my original blog post, everything is fine – until I preview it, then some of the images disappear. I publish it, then reload… and some other images disappear. Somehow, the only pictures that remain consistently fine are the thumbnails, other pictures are variable, and some others I cannot view at all. When I open the image in another tab on Chrome, it works.

    What is happening? Am I doing something wrong?

    My blog is at… Hope you can help.

    The blog I need help with is



    In this post, I see you’ve combined both a WordPress Gallery (the thumbnail images) and separate medium-sized images.

    How did you insert those separate images?


    Hey justjennifer! I uploaded all my images first to the Media Library, and then used the URLs generated there to attach the medium-sized images using the ‘From URL’ option. It is kind of tedious, but it’s the only thing that works for me – I tried using the shortcode “include” and “exclude” options, but nothing happened.

    Hope this helps!



    Interesting indeed. Did you change something today because yesterday the separate images did not load for me, today they do. Yesterday, I could click on the missing images and they’d open in a new window, today no.

    Or is this the behavior you are referring to?

    In order to display a Gallery in your post, you’d either have to upload the Gallery images to that post or attach them from the Media Library after uploading. From what you say, it sounds like you did the second?



    Ah, just notice you marked this as resolved, but I’m still curious about the method used so I can try and duplicate it on my demo blog. :)


    Yes, I did change something – yesterday I uploaded them all and then attached them to the post using the Media Library option, but I noticed that this led them to get included in the Gallery as well. After a few experiments, I found that if you upload them to the Media Library in your Dashboard, press the Show button (I don’t know what this action is properly called – sorry), copy the URL generated, and use the From URL option to attach the image, it does not get included in your Gallery, leaving you to use it for other images you would like to present in that manner.

    I guess the change caused the difference regarding opening the image in a different window.

    I hope this works for you… I would be really glad if you would tell me/show me what happens. :)



    OK-now I understand better, and the reason why includes and excludes did not work for you. You can use “Insert from URL” but there could be resizing problems in some themes.

    Also, you might benefit from reading my Gallery FAQ


    Oh wow. This is pretty awesome. I wish I had found this sooner – it would have saved me a lot of heartbreak/approximately three-and-a-half hours.



    There is a bug. Images correctly inserted do disappear during publish. This issue is not resolved…



    I’m unable to duplicate the problem myself, and I don’t see enough reports to place this as a wide-spread issue yet.

    Would you mind trying in Google Chrome?

    If it doesn’t work in Chrome, please try opening an Incognito window from Chrome’s File menu. This will run the browser without cookies, cache, or add-ons, providing the “cleanest” browsing experience possible.


    Hi macmanx
    Thanks for answering. This is not easy. It seems to be a periodical error – it will have a few hours of misbehaving then the error disappears again. Until the next time. I’ve seen it several times now in the last 2 or 3 weeks.

    I’ll report immediately in this thread if it comes back. I’ll bookmark…


    The bug is back. Images inserted from the library disappear during publish…



    I’m still not seeing anything out of place with your blog. :(

    Is there anything that you did differently this time, as opposed to the time it worked?

    Perhaps a different browser, different add-ons, or different computer?


    No, nothing was different this time. The reason why no images are missing on my blog is that – if you insert again and again – the picture will finally stay. I update a draft until the image sticks.



    We’re going need to dig quite a bit deeper on this unfortunately. :(

    Please contact us via and choose a private request (if the option presents itself).


    I will! If or when I see the problem again, I’ll contact support. Maybe all these new changes have killed that irritating bug? We’ll see. :-)

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