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    I just deleted the wordpress site i had created in the hope of getting all of the linked images off of google image search however they are still there and i cannot have them there. the site is deleted so you cannot click through from google but the thumbnails are still visible.

    Can someone please tell me how i remove these? Thank you!!!


    The images will go lower in the results over time, but here is some information from Google on requesting removal of images from the search listings now: Remove an image from Google

    Right-clicking to get the original url should still work, even though the site no longer exists.


    Hmm, I read further in, and it sounds like Google requires you to have control of the site and access to Webmaster Tools to actually make the request.

    You could try one of these paths instead:
    Remove information from Google
    Content removal

    Wish you best of luck with this, sounds like it’s distressing to you to have them showing up.



    Most places require you to demonstrate that it is your site and that you have control over it, that is to prevent me from deleting your content.

    As a note to others, deleting a site to remove it from the internet is the worst thing to do, better to delete the content and leave a blank site or Posts and Pages with no content, then search engines should update their records showing no content, so say others with more experience than I.

    Please also note that Google is not the only search engine on the internet.

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