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    @jackiedana [redirected from

    This issue hasn’t occurred again for me since the two incidents on Feb 15 and 16 (which were both cured by deleting WordPress cookies from Chrome on Win 8.1)

    Just to let you know I’m in the UK and using BT Broadband.



    Thanks guys. Since the issue sounds like it was intermittent, please post here again if it happens again.


    Thanks – will do!


    I am having the same problem with uploaded jpegs. Also, a page with a previously correctly loaded jpeg does not show the picture when published.



    @bobalderslade, sorry to hear it’s still happening to you.

    Please try clearing your browser cache,

    If the issue is still happening after that, please take a screenshot and post it to your media library:

    Then reply in this thread that you’ve done so, along with a link to the page or post where it’s happening, and all the browsers you’ve tried (along with versions). Please also let me know which country you are in and what your ISP is.


    I cleared cache and have now lost all downloaded media and my latest blog at no longer shows pictures.
    I am using Firefox, I am in UK, ISP is BT.


    Hey Bob. The cure for both me and @gastephan seemed to be deleting all cookies (gastephan said just WordPress cookies but I couldn’t be bothered to trawl so I just wiped all mine). Been fine since then. Means having to re-log in to all the sites where you’re normally automatically logged in, but that was a minor annoyance for me. So try cookies rather than cache.


    My dearest creatureofthewheel you have saved my faith in blogging on this site. I deleted only cookies pertaining to wordpress and I now have everything back again. That should give the site gurus a clue so that they can solve this glitch.





    @jackiedana Ok, so this just happened to me again a few moments ago (third time now within a few days).

    Just to recap: Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m on Win 8.1 / in the UK, BT Broadband as ISP.

    I decided to delete WP cookies one at a time this time to try to isolate the problem – I seem to have been lucky, as deleting the first one fixed the issue. For your reference, this was session cookie ‘wpc_wpc’ for domain

    Hope this information helps.



    @gastephen And as before, I can see all your lovely images ( Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m on Win7Pro), so I am suspecting UK ISP problems again!



    @justjennifer Thanks!

    I’m not so sure about it being ISP-related though. When the issue occurred with Chrome, there was no problem with an alternative HTTP client (Opera) using the same internet connection.

    When the issue occurs, GET requests for JPG files have their connections reset before receiving an HTTP response from the server.

    As deleting the wpc_wpc session cookie (which contains an access token) resolved the issue, I’d say that the issue might be related to session management on the WP servers.



    Actually, it has just happened yet AGAIN.

    This time just deleting wpc_wpc had no affect – I had to remove all WordPress cookies this time to resolve the issue.


    I wiped all the cookies etc etc. I don’t know if it is a connection problem. Touching a trunk of wood here but I am okay in Google Chrome.



    @creatureofthewheel and @shehannemoore, if you are still having trouble with this, could you let me know what country you’re in and who your ISP is? Are you both using BT?


    I am using BT. I live in Scotland. The things is the other day it was perfect . Now both my blogs have the same prob unless I use Google chrome


    Hi Jackie. Nope – all fine for me since I wiped the cookies, and no relapses so far (fingers crossed). But yes, I’m in the UK and BT is my ISP, if that helps. Thanks for your attention!



    Thanks for the information. We’re going to look into this issue and see what we can find out.


    Thanks for all your help. Really good of you to take this trouble.



    You’re welcome! Keep in mind that this could be something on BT’s end, but we’ll do what we can on our side of things.

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