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  1. I like the MS live writer, others are good too, but support for image upload is somewhat lacking in, or is it ?

    I just want to drag my images on and publish with tools like this and have the images get uploaded at the same time, I move ISP's a bit so I dont want to use my own personal FTP space, if I blog from work flickr and such are blocked.

    Livewriter does have two modes ftp and a service mode, would need to support this service mode, as no other api supports image uploading might this be an idea to implement ?

    As well as this I would love it if you provided LightBox or equivalent support as a plugin.

    What do you think ?

  2. Yes. I agree with you. WordPress also compresses your images and lowers their resolution. This has happened to me several times. Nowadays I use flickr only.

    I use the Performancing extension with OakFlickr add-on. Makes life much easier.

    Read my post:

  3. MS live writer tries to create it's own subdirectories when it uploads the photos. Since this is outside of the normal WordPress subdirectory structure, it breaks what WordPress can do with them.

    WordPress actually support three APIs when it comes to posts. Blogger, MovableType and MetaWeblog. Your best bet would be to submit a feedback from your Dashboard asking for this support.

    To be honest, I feel this is a case of Microsoft not support the standards that already exist on the internet and is requiring everybody else to fall in line. Other offline posters already do like Blogdesk. Why should MS be any different?

  4. I very much accept with you drMike.
    I was initially drawn towards MS Live Writer for the user interface , good preview and other stuff. (I was using w.blogger before).
    But due to the Images issue , I was again on hunt for a good Blogging tool and came across BlogDesk.
    Simple, clean and it works.

  5. Now I understand I totally agree MS should fall in line. I would not ask WordPress to alter to fit an MS product when worpress already allow this.

    Thanks drMike.

  6. I also use BlogDesk and highly recommend it.

  7. Donncha mentioned in passing that he needs to tackle this issue. Hopefully he will soon.


  8. Hi, I'm one of the Windows Live Writer developers (and user, Binaryjam, have you actually tried posting an image to It should work fine (I do this all the time and so do our QA folks).

    Drmike, all we do is prepend a directory name in our newMediaObject call--it should still be relative to the wp-content root, or wherever treats as the root. What problems does this cause with

    We do this because beta testers were complaining about our uploads polluting their root namespace, a lot of people are very sensitive about this kind of thing apparently.

    We certainly don't ever expect everyone to "fall in line" with us, in fact it's the exact opposite, we try to bend over backwards to work with all the services that we can.

  9. Jcheng, Quiet intresting to see a reply from the developer side of Live Writer. Based on ur reply, I thought of giving it one more try (Live Writer).
    Initially I had the problem of disappering, i.e the post successfully got published, but the images did not last for long .. kind-a senario.
    But now I get a clear message stating that the weblog do not support Image Uploads and there is a request poping up to enable FTP Upload option.

    Here is a Screenshot
    Can you confirm if you are using a seperate FTP account for Image Upload ? Or am I missing some thing !!!

  10. I got that error message today as well, that's not actually the problem. The problem is WordPress returning an "Error 500: The file could not be written" error, and we are erroneously reporting that in the UI as image posting not being supported.

    Try hitting Publish again and it will probably work, it did for me. I got the error maybe 1 in 6 tries (this never used to happen at all).

    I have also noticed other times where accepts the post and the image, but every other time you hit Refresh on the blog, the image is 404ed. It seemed to me like maybe there was a cluster that was not getting replicated correctly. I haven't noticed that lately, but today for the first time an image was "successfully" posted and yet it got 404 every time. The four other images I posted today all worked (and they were all the exact same image, I was just testing).

    I can't say with 100% certainty but none of this sounds like a problem with Writer to me, other than incorrectly reporting the 500 error (there are actually a number of places where we do a poor job of reporting server-side errors).

  11. I have tried it couple of time from morning. The results do not seem to be consistent. Now there is no error message as I had posted earlier, but I was able to successfully post with images only once. Some times only the image place holder is there and the image itself is not visible. IF I do an edit and save (with no changes) using the word press editer, the images pop up (though not always!!!)

    I am sticking on to Blog desk. May be will try tinkering around with Live writer over the weekend or may be will wait till next major release before I jump in to see if there are any updates :)

    drMike - may be u can have this thread moved to the appropriate place, its still under Ideas.

  12. I've noticed even with manually uploading images that if you play around with the thumbnail/no thumbnail options the image can disappear.

    My theory is there's a gremlin on the other site gobbling up images that are linked to... and sometimes it gobbles too fast.

  13. if only I get hold of that gremlin .... ;-)

  14. Turn away from the dark side of big business gentlemen. It's monkey business so go opensource - get BlogDesk and get back to blogging [said she an impertinent grin]. ;)

  15. rsathya, if you use BlogDesk and Writer back to back, does image uploading work in BlogDesk every time while it doesn't in Writer?

    I'd really appreciate it if you can try it, even if you've decided to stick to BlogDesk, because there are tons of people out there using and Writer--it's important to us that we figure out what the problem is. Thanks.

  16. . . . . . . . .What's Blog Desk?

  17. nosysnoop
    Blogdesk is a s/w or tool that help u write blog posts offline and helps u publish u the same later. Diff tools have diff feature sets. U can check out the details of BlogDesk here

    I do accept ur point (of open source and dark side of big buisness :)) But u never know , with so much of choices to the end user, its the feature list that would finally decide.

    I did try several test posts with pics from Blog Desk. Not even a single time, there were any issues. All posts went thru fine and the images were all there even when I republished the posts from within wordpress (internal editor). Hope that helps.

    - Sathya

  18. Hi
    Today while going thru Scoble's post, noticed that one of his images was uploaded using Live Writer (the path to the images was in LiveWriter Sub Folder). Hence thought would give it a try again.
    A couple of test posts , continously, seems to work fine with out glitches. So was something fixed from LiveWriter Team side ?
    Anyways would try to give it a try in a couple of days, to make sure it still works :)


  19. Anyone currently having problems with images uploading with LiveWriter? If so, please post the details here so I can investigate further.

  20. I did not want to jump before testing it. I had been using Live Writer with images for 2 days now. I did not find any issues with the images upload !
    Was something fixed on WordPress side or was it something to do with LiveWriter ?!


  21. There were a couple of image related issues that we have addressed over this past week. Nothing specific to LiveWriter.

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