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    Dear WP, I love you. Just sometimes, I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

    I take much time and great care to write a long post about a VOLCANO. With a beautiful title image. At the end, I add a paragraph “Besides”, about the surrounding National Park, with a small picture gallery, to save space. Now WP has nothing better to do than publicize my new Volcano post with a THREE-TOE SLOTH as frontispiece to my Twitter community!

    1) Okay, I delete the tweet and change the first gallery picture for a volcano image. Tweet again. THREE-TOE SLOTH!

    2) Okay, I delete the tweet, and I delete the gallery. Tweet again. THREE-TOE SLOTH!

    3) I delete the tweet and SCREAM!

    Now I have no gallery and no Tweet.
    I’m about to delete all gallery pictures from my media store. I just assume, that won’t help. WP has decided that my volcano tweet goes with a three-toe sloth picture and has hidden it away, somewhere else. For good.

    Have I missed something? Can I still publicize my Volcano post with a Volcano image, and how? Thanks for any help.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hey granyia,

    Have you tried adding the featured image for your post? Please read this.

    Use the one you want to display.

    Twitter fetches the image from your articles and most probably it picks the featured image of your post or the page.

    Please try it.



    Thank you ravichahar, read the page, tried your suggestion…

    1) Restored the gallery in the post.
    2) No “featured image” module in wp-admin (neither on the right, nor under Screen Options). Switched to “enhanced experience” editing.
    3) Set a volcano as “featured image” – checked “automatically send to Twitter” – clicked “Update”
    4) Update wasn’t tweeted, so I tweeted it via “Share this”.

    Could the reason be that our theme “Parament” doesn’t have a “featured image” feature? I would love to sort this problem for the fiuture.



    Hi there, Here’s our support guide to images in Publicize:

    However, once your post has been published and publicized, twitter caches the image at their end. In order to clear out the cache on twitter’s end to display a different featured image, you’ll need to do the following:

    Change or add a featured image to your post in the My Sites>Blog Posts>Edit and update the post. Then run the blog post’s link through the Twitter Card Validator at

    Additionally, you might want to consider switching to a newer theme. Retired themes like Parament, the one you are using, are no longer updated and do not support WordPressdotcom’s new features. Not being a responsive width theme can also have an impact on your site ranking in search engine returns. Let us know if you would like suggestions for a newer theme.



    Yess… VOLCANO! Phh… thank you very much! And apologies, it wasn’t WP’s fault :)

    About the theme: it was hard work to find a new suitable theme among the hundreds – just one year ago – create a set of header images, customise everything…. And nothing had indicated that it was actually an old theme.

    If we could find a very similar looking modern theme, hm…, yes, we might consider changing again. I would appreciate any help with that. Thanks again!



    Hello again you are welcome.

    I’ve also tagged this thread for staff assistance in helping you find a newer theme, but let us know what it was you liked about Parament.


    Hi granyia,

    If we could find a very similar looking modern theme, hm…, yes, we might consider changing again.

    Sure! What do you like about the Parament theme? And is there anything you don’t like about it? For example, small images.

    I’ll pick a few themes for you to look at :)



    Thanks! What we liked about Parament:

    – dark background of the text & image areas but NOT totally BLACK
    – text color NOT totally WHITE
    – shallow and wide header area
    – sidebar on the side, NOT hidden or at bottom

    – random header images was nice
    – gallery feature too



    Hi gemmacevans, hadn’t seen your comment yet, sorry.
    Yes larger images, or a wider blog area altogether would be very nice, if it isn’t a problem for mobile users then.


    Hi granyia,

    Thanks, I’ve picked out a selection of the themes for you. Not all of them will tick every box on your list but hopefully its a good starting point:

    • Dara: dark frame, sidebar, modest header image, featured content slider
    • Saga: dark background, sidebar, large images and header image
    • Twenty Sixteen: dark frame, sidebar, header image

    I’ve picked free themes for now (because you current theme is free) but there are also plenty of Premium themes available in dark colour schemes.

    or a wider blog area altogether would be very nice, if it isn’t a problem for mobile users then.

    Our newer themes are responsive, meaning your site will automatically scale to fit the device a visitor is using. If you want to see it in action, click on the “Open Live Demo” link at the top of each theme page and try resizing your browser.



    Hi gemmacevans,
    that is very kind of you. I’ll check them out over the holidays, many thanks!


    You’re very welcome!

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