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images too small

  1. Hey! at least it's not health care! :D

  2. I'm having the same issues and as a newbie, I can't seem to rectify this problem even after having read through all the relevant threads. Can you assist me please? I posted an earlier request for help in retrieving my original pics in the original size when I uploaded from my iPhone (now lost), however, at the time, I didn't load them into Gallery as I was limited in time and access to wifi. I need to recover these pics in original size please!

  3. The blog I need help with is

  4. Rebooting the router didn't appear to make a bit of difference.

  5. @gbbug, thanks for trying.

    @ljcruze, we aren't sure what's causing the problem, but it has only been reported by a small number of people so far in the forums (I counted 7). So, any information you can provide about when you see the problem happen and how often it happens for you would be helpful! I made a list of several questions (everything I could think of) that might possibly help me pinpoint similarities for people experiencing the issue and I posted them at if you'd like to take a look and see if you can answer any of the questions from there.

    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for any info. you can help provide that might lead us to the source of the problem.

  6. @designsimply
    Your questions:
    1. No to retina screen
    2. zoom: was on actual size; zooming in or out changed image and text proportionally, but undersized pics remained the same
    3. Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63
    4. Comspan
    5. SW Oregon coast
    6. Completely random
    7. Dowload: 33.66 Upload: 37.05
    8. Yes, Ghostery (tracking??)
    9. what else? I went back to one of the pages where this has been happening quite consistently (I'll send you the screenshot), but what was a bit odd is that I can reproduce the problem at that page quite easily. The blogger has several images posted and what's extra STRANGE is that when I pull the post up, I'll get a different image turning tiny at various times....
    this seems to get stranger and stranger

  7. Refreshing the above page brought the first image up to normal size, BUT there's still that little teensy 2nd image that stays extra tiny...

    ans 2: the images did zoom up or down, but stayed proportionally out of whack

  8. Thank you for the answers! And thank you for the screenshot!

    About the screenshot, can you try one more thing for me? What I'm really looking for in the browser tools panel is the HTML for the image that's too small. I want to see all of the parameters in that image tag to compare them to what I see when I look and the image is normally sized.

    Here is an example:

    Could you try the screenshot one more time and capture the whole "img" HTML tag so the size parameters are showing?

  9. Wouldn't you just know it. Now I'm getting the full-sized image as it should be. I'll try to catch it when it shows up again (somewhere).

  10. All of a sudden the usual suspects are behaving themselves, but....
    was about to add a post and my PREVIEW came up with all the images showing up tiny..... so I moved things around so you could see more of the elements. I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, or not...

  11. Refresh gave me this version:

  12. Looks fine once I published it. :-/

  13. So.... I was looking at another blog and up popped a couple of random images (among many) in tiny mode. My Elements don't look like yours. I certainly couldn't find any "<img class=" (as in your example)... nor could I find any text as in yours... but I somehow accidentally got elements to come up over on the side, so you can see more of it.....
    Hope this helps?

    Then, as I poked around clicking on some options in Elements, the images appeared in normal size. It truly IS pretty random, it seems.

  14. This is the best example in your latest replies:

    It's a good example because it shows the "img" tag and all the attributes for it as well as the too-small image in the browser above.

    I've passed this example along to our developers.

  15. So.... the question is:
    a/ should I keep sending examples or
    b/ quit bugging you?
    If you want more, I'll see if I can reproduce the thing like you suggest. I thought I looked through all the code pretty carefully, but I don't know how I missed the 'img' line..... arrgh

  16. :) I think I have a pretty good set of examples now. I have collected them all in a bug report, with screenshots, and the only question I've been asked back so far is to find out about retina displays and zoom settings (this is to try to rule out a script that sets up retina images as the culprit).

    Past what I have so far, I think the only thing that would help to keep collecting is the answers to that huge set of questions I came up with for as many different people we can find who are experiencing the same issue. I'm sure there are more than a handful of people seeing this problem, but only a few have stepped up to provide screenshots and additional info so far.

    Sorry I haven't been able to get it solved so far! It's a pretty crazy weird bug. One thing I can tell you is that I personally have never seen a too-small image appear when I look at your site. So if it's any consolation, it's possible that most other people are seeing it work just fine.

  17. Thanks, I wondered about how visitors to my blog were seeing it, but suspected that it must be OK since no one had mentioned a problem.

    Don't know if it helps any to add that I hadn't changed a thing prior to this bug popping up EXCEPT for adding the two widgets: "posts I like" and "folks who comment". I did make the attempt to remove them, but the bug seemed to continue, so I suppose I'll just wish you "Happy Hunting!" Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help, but I'll quit with the screenshots for now!

    And thanks for the effort! :D

  18. Back again... I just ran across a comment where someone mentioned getting "slit pictures" at someone's blog. Would it make sense to start a new thread (or is there already one going) with your seven questions? You did send me a link to the 7, but I believe comments to it were shut down. I could direct them to this thread, but it's a bit unwieldy I would think.

  19. A new help request would be awesome. They should include a brief explanation of the problem, a screenshot + questions answers if possible, and if they tag with "randomly small images" then I will see it in the group of posts I'm following on this topic.

  20. Turns out the previous example was just a slow load,
    BUT I've encountered one where NOTHING I do will bring up the image. Here's the screenshot, if it means anything?

  21. I think I have a good set of data reported and we'll just need to keep waiting for someone to pick this up. Since it has only been reported by a very small number of users, it may not get reviewed right away (I'm not sure of a timeframe). But I'm happy to keep collecting additional examples from other users in case it helps us spot a common trigger amongst the people who are experiencing the problem.

    Thanks for your patience! And if it helps, the images always looks completely from my end when I check your site:

  22. The problem seems to have been fixed. It's been awhile since I've had the teeny images pop up.

    THANK YOU Happiness Engineers, you've made me very happy! :D

  23. Yay! I missed the update on this, which went in on Jan 6. Thanks so much for posting a thank you follow-up note!!

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