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    Thanks for the reply. I’m using a 27″ iMac (so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have retina). I run Chrome. But you did give me an idea to try using the MacBook to see if it happens there -though going back to the 13″ screen is a bit tough, especially since it’s such a random event !! :)

    FWIW… I had left the tab (mentioned in the previous note) pulled up (in case I needed another screen shot) and it had magically resized later in the day. I imagine what makes this so difficult and weird is the random nature of it…..

    Thanks for the help.


    Yeah, because it’s random it has been really hard to catch examples! So I’m just working through the reports of the problem and trying to document the best I can until I can find helpful information I can pass along to our developers.



    I’m curious. Are you catching ANY, or is it just ME? I bump into them fairly often just looking at other people’s posts, or quite often when I preview something I’m about to post. Is there any more I can do to help?



    FWIW here’s a screenshot w/elements from a fairly consistent site where I cannot get the image to show up normal size


    It’s not just you, but overall, I think I’ve seen less than 10 reports—but those people seem to see it more often. Perhaps we should be looking at general geographic location or network providers to see if there are any similarities in the reports.

    The other reports are mostly in a very very long thread with over 220 replies that has several other bug reports in it—which makes it a bit hard to follow. You can see a few of the reports starting on page 6 here:

    And I started a tagging any other reports I’ve found:

    I checked and I can see normal sized images. If you refresh that page, does the problem go away?


    I counted up the reports I’ve been able to find in the forums so far, and there are six total. That’s not very many, but those are just the ones I’ve found with good info that I’ve posted into the bug report.

    I asked for help at to see if we can find any other people who are running into the same problem that I haven’t taken note of yet.



    I seem to get the problem most consistently with three blogs: and and Though it does occur randomly with others, too.

    It seems the easiest way to bring up the full image is to click on it and return to the post. However, quite often, that doesn’t work with the three previously mentioned blogs. If I remember right, refreshing doesn’t always work either. I’ve had to leave the page altogether and pull it back up again on a few occasions.

    I’ve been too sick to do much posting lately, but it seems as though it also happens when I preview a new post.


    When it’s happening… does it happen for every post on those blogs, or just some of the posts some of the time?

    Also, is there any way you can try re-booting your router and testing again? It’s a very long shot, but might be worth a try.



    I’ll give it a try. I just have to remember the reboot before I pull the post up. I just now pulled up blogaby (without thinking to do the reboot), but I DID verify that a refresh doesn’t work, though shutting down the page (or blog) altogether, then going back DOES pull up the full-sized image.

    I will attempt the reboot before I load the next post from one of those three sites and let you know. I’m assuming that unplugging my Time Machine (which provides my wireless network) and plugging it back in again is what you mean by re-booting?


    I’m assuming that unplugging my Time Machine (which provides my wireless network) and plugging it back in again is what you mean by re-booting?

    My guess is that would do it. Usually when I re-boot mine, the cable company tells me to leave it off for at least 10 seconds :) I’m not sure if that’s needed or not, but give it a try! Can’t hurt. :-)

    This image issue really is such a strange problem. :-/



    Hey! at least it’s not health care! :D



    I’m having the same issues and as a newbie, I can’t seem to rectify this problem even after having read through all the relevant threads. Can you assist me please? I posted an earlier request for help in retrieving my original pics in the original size when I uploaded from my iPhone (now lost), however, at the time, I didn’t load them into Gallery as I was limited in time and access to wifi. I need to recover these pics in original size please!



    The blog I need help with is



    Rebooting the router didn’t appear to make a bit of difference.


    @gbbug, thanks for trying.

    @ljcruze, we aren’t sure what’s causing the problem, but it has only been reported by a small number of people so far in the forums (I counted 7). So, any information you can provide about when you see the problem happen and how often it happens for you would be helpful! I made a list of several questions (everything I could think of) that might possibly help me pinpoint similarities for people experiencing the issue and I posted them at if you’d like to take a look and see if you can answer any of the questions from there.

    Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for any info. you can help provide that might lead us to the source of the problem.



    Your questions:
    1. No to retina screen
    2. zoom: was on actual size; zooming in or out changed image and text proportionally, but undersized pics remained the same
    3. Chrome Version 31.0.1650.63
    4. Comspan
    5. SW Oregon coast
    6. Completely random
    7. Dowload: 33.66 Upload: 37.05
    8. Yes, Ghostery (tracking??)
    9. what else? I went back to one of the pages where this has been happening quite consistently (I’ll send you the screenshot), but what was a bit odd is that I can reproduce the problem at that page quite easily. The blogger has several images posted and what’s extra STRANGE is that when I pull the post up, I’ll get a different image turning tiny at various times….
    this seems to get stranger and stranger



    Refreshing the above page brought the first image up to normal size, BUT there’s still that little teensy 2nd image that stays extra tiny…

    ans 2: the images did zoom up or down, but stayed proportionally out of whack


    Thank you for the answers! And thank you for the screenshot!

    About the screenshot, can you try one more thing for me? What I’m really looking for in the browser tools panel is the HTML for the image that’s too small. I want to see all of the parameters in that image tag to compare them to what I see when I look and the image is normally sized.

    Here is an example:

    Could you try the screenshot one more time and capture the whole “img” HTML tag so the size parameters are showing?



    Wouldn’t you just know it. Now I’m getting the full-sized image as it should be. I’ll try to catch it when it shows up again (somewhere).



    All of a sudden the usual suspects are behaving themselves, but….
    was about to add a post and my PREVIEW came up with all the images showing up tiny….. so I moved things around so you could see more of the elements. I’m not sure if this is what you wanted, or not…

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