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Images went 404

  1. Hi,

    This morning some images (*.png) on my blog went 404. Yesterday's night were just fine.

    Is there any other user with same problem? Or is just me?


  2. Could we get an example of this please? Can you point specifically to a post on your blog where this is occuring? It could be due to a number of reasons but without actually seeing the issue, we can't give you an exact reason.

  3. I'm noticing that when I upload an image it seems fine in the upload window, but if I try to put it in a post I get the red X. Don't know if this is related to that, though.

  4. when i upload i get no image to send to editor just a link... the link points here in my case
    which results in a 404 error. so i can't post at all on our photoblog.

  5. i'm having the same problem. the first image i uploaded generated a preview in the asset browser but wouldn't display in the blog post. so i stupidly deleted it and re-uploaded the image. now it doesn't display an image in the thumbnail browser or the blog post. image is supposed to be here:

  6. 2two2, I'm seeing that image on your blog so I'm guessing that the issue was resolved. Ditto no1s.

    Please next time read the thread and do what is suggested in it. :)

    edit: 2two2, just for reference, please don't multi post. One post is fine. All you do is cause is more work for the folks trying to help you.

  7. drmike my apologies. very new to this process i usually lurk - i posted on another with the same reported problem cause i don't know all the steps to this dance...
    anyway, on my end the main image was still 404 for a spell then showed then not and now back. but all seems stablish now though i can't see no1's above link --

    thanks for your help...

  8. ok --- it's like a scab i can't stop picking ... this is an intermittent problem full-size there then not then not then there but only briefly ... last post for at least 15hrs (promise).

  9. dr mike. i followed your instructions and left a url in my post. when i hit that url right now, i get a 404. i don't understand (1) how i did not follow your instructions and (2) how if those of us in here who posted links are still showing 404s that the problem is fixed?

  10. I believe drmike probably will not be online again until tomorrow as it's very late at night in North Carolina. So gentlemen it's your call as to whether or not you wish to send in a feedback to staff (the feedback button is on the top right hand corner of any blog page).

  11. i sent in a feedback email and all the image links in this thread are working as of the writing of this post. i hope it is resolved for everyone.

  12. Thanks for the feedback.

    If anyone else writes in, you MUST give me the NAME of the image or the URL to the image.
    Without those I cannot check and I'll just ask you for them anyway.

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