Images went missing for no reason

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    Two posts one of my users created have images that were uploaded but went missing:

    As you can see, he posted a thumbnail in one, a normal image in the other… both now gone. What happened?



    We can’t see those links as those are edit links and we can’t see your admin pages. When you say they’ve gone missing, you you mean the html from your post or the actual pics that he uploaded?

    Try clicking on the “view all” button within your “Write Post” page. Hopefully they’re still in your webspace and you can just reuse them.

    Maybe publishing the posts might help so we can see what’s going on.




    There’s a chance he deleted the images by accident? Can he upload the images again? If he edits the post and uploads them there he can just “send them” to the post in the usual way.



    drmike, they were deleted, html was fine. checked all files as well.

    donncha, there is a chance. i’ve asked him to send to me. I just find it odd though because in the html i can see that the thumbnail is referenced with a file name like you see for the auto generated thumbnails of the upload system. So yeah, guess he could have deleted them.




    the user tells me that they checked the front page of the blog after posting and the images were fine. so something happened afterward. regardless, ill just wait and see if it happens again

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