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    I use images with a short comment text. I want the text at the top of the image and not next to it
    How do I get this short text before the image or just after the preceding image.
    The problem has been subject of preceding topics which said to insert the following code <brspacestyle=”clear:both;”space/>
    Where must I insert this code?
    I tried it on the next line immedaitely after the image code.
    I discovered that the code in some cases disappeared after the update.
    Thanks in advance for the help. Example Page “Actualités”
    (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is


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    If you set an image “alignleft,” then text (or another image, it it fits) will appear to the right of the image.
    If you set an image “alignright,” then text will appear to the left of the picture.
    If you set an image to “alignnone,” then it will appear on the left of your post column without text next to it.
    And if you set the picture to “aligncenter” it will be in the center of the post column with text above and/or below.

    If you want 2 pictures side-by-side, you’d insert them one after the other on the same line of html, both aligned left or aligned right. To prevent text from appearing next to your pair of pictures, you would add the break code below the image code in the html editor to clear the alignment specifications of the images:
    The correct break code:
    <br style="clear:both;" />

    That break code can also be used if you have a left or right aligned picture with only a short amount of text. To have more text after the image-text pair, put the break after the code in the html editor, then continue with more text.


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    Here is a more concise explanation. Scroll down to this:

    Text wrap

    To have text wrapping around an image, you don’t interfere with the text: you set the image alignment to either left or right.



    If you want “text at the top of the image and not next to it”, you type the text before the image and you set the image alignment to none; and you don’t need the clear-both code.


    Within some hours 3 replies. I shall try the proposed solutions as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much for your help 1tess and justpi.


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    Happy to be helpful!

    Note that I often get carried away so gave you more answers about image alignment than you asked for
    via Panos’ blog—


    so just start with his answer: text above the image aligned to none…

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