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    I may be one of the few members who voluntarily moved to the new Coraline theme, and for the large part am happy with it. However, I am having one of two problems which I’m hoping can be resolved here.

    I have a large number of images with captions which I previously re-sized quite small (40×29). In many cases the aspect ratio was not retained – what was important to me was to have all the images exactly the same size.

    However, the Coraline theme keeps the width that I supplied, but ignore the height – preferring instead to retain the uploaded image’s aspect ratio.

    I guess this is down to the Coraline CSS : wp-caption img{height:auto;width:auto;}

    I have paif for the CSS upgrade, but I can’t see how to override the auto. Is there a non-auto option? I can’t put fixed sizes in there since I have many other captioned images which are not that size. I just want my img sizes to be respected.

    Oh yes – and another problem. The visual editor doesn’t show visual feed-back of the image size when using the grab handles. It always seems to show the image “full-size”.

    The blog I need help with is



    Since you have the Custom CSS upgrade, you may want to check out the thread at the top of the forum and add a pointer to this thread.


    Thanks justjennifer. I had indeed already read these threads briefly, but as I wasn’t previously a Cutline user I found them unhelpful.

    My problem is more general than I originally thought.

    1. Coraline always retains the aspect ratio of the uploaded photo, no matter what you do. With or without captions.

    2. The visual editor always uses the original size of the uploaded photo. This makes editing say a 3 x 3 table which is filled with greatly-reduced-in-size photos (150 px wide) almost impossible, when the original photos were 800 wide.


    Sorry, but it doesn’t help.

    All I am asking is that my size attributes for width and height in an image are recognised (and obeyed) by Coraline.

    Am I being unreasonable in expecting this?


    Sorry, you misunderstood my suggestion – check that thread again!


    I thought you suggested removing the size attribute from the image? I did that.

    In the meantime I have check a large number of themes to see which ones did take notice of image size attributes. The vast majority do. (Bueno, Coraline and Duotine do not). I looked at Themes in alphabetical order and got bored after “J”.


    OK – I understand now. Thanks panaghiotisadm!

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