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Images without borders? Inuit Types

  1. solidgoldcreativity

    Dear All,

    I would like to have no borders on my images. I've changed the CSS but wasn't totally successful. The site is:

    Thank you for any suggestions.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks fine to me, the images in your posts have no borders. What else do you want to change?


  3. solidgoldcreativity

    @ hallluke,

    hi, I want to take out the light grey box around the images, as seen in this post here:


  4. Actually the default style of the img tag is defined as to fill the background with #f4f4f4 color which appears as the border in your pictures. You either need to make a CSS upgrade inorder to edit it and make it change to any other colour or transparent. Else you need to all this style manually in each img tag to override the CSS settings. To do it you need to add the following with the img tag.
    <br /> <img style="background: transparent;" src="link_to_image" /><br />

    the style="background: transparent;" will override the colour border settings and remove the border from your images.

  5. I obviously need to change my screen contrast, I completely missed that. If you want to do it all with CSS then add this to your styles:

    .entry img {background:transparent;}


  6. solidgoldcreativity


    Great! That works. Thanks so much.


  7. solidgoldcreativity


    Thanks very much. All great now.


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