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    Hi, I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies, resizing, etc. Images won’t load on my blog pages, see http://www.

    I go to add media, and pics show up in the preview, then when I try to publish they disappear?


    The blog I need help with is



    The code is broken because you tried to use line breaks inside the image captions. A caption is supposed to be a single line of text. You need to delete everything and re-do the page: insert images without captions, and write the text below each image as regular text in the main edit box.


    Awesome! That makes sense – I’ll give it a shot now. Thanks!


    Yep, that did it. Thanks again



    You’re welcome!
    You can easily center the texts, if you wish, by highlighting them and clicking the respective button in the Visual editor.
    (Would you also like to confine them to the width of each image?)


    Oh cool, I will try that as well. How would I confine them to the width of the image? Thanks again!



    This would require some coding in the Text (=code) editor. But I’m seeing that your texts have no line breaks now. (Did you change your mind, or had you entered the line breaks thinking the captions wouldn’t fit otherwise?)
    If you don’t want line breaks, then you can revert to your original idea: an image caption automatically fits the width of its image. Highlight and cut each text, click on the image, click the mountain icon, paste the text into the Caption field, click Update (image); once you’re done with all the images, switch the editor to Text then back to Visual (this will clean up the code) and click Update (page).


    Sorry I’m a newb but are line breaks the same as indentations? I just totally removed captions from the pics and added text below each image. When I finished, I just highlighted everything and centered by clicking the icon you mentioned. This looks adequate for now I suppose.

    I will do a little test of your suggestion (with the mountain icon) now though and see how that looks. Thanks again for your help and suggestions.



    You’re welcome.

    No, line breaks aren’t the same as indentations.
    Line break means forcing a new line (like I did now, instead of continuing right next to “indentations”).
    Indentation means a bit to the right instead of flush left; for example, the child categories in your Categories widget are indented.


    Ah…. of course. Yes, I should have known that. I took your advice and re-adjusted all the images to include the text within the caption of the photo – looks much neater now. Think I’m about 90% of the way there – site’s coming along nicely. Happy Holidays to you!

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